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10 Things To Consider When Making an Event Space Rental

April 4, 2020

Organizing an event should not be underestimated. You can certainly hire event organizers, but what if at some point you have to do it yourself? When the time comes, you will encounter many dilemmas. Choosing the event space or the venue will by far be the biggest decision you will have to make, as it will have the largest impact on your event. Here are some things to consider when you are searching for a venue.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Event Space Rental

1. Location of the Venue

Look for a location which is nearby to your attendees. You should also consider the scale of your event. If it is a local company event, then choose a venue that has a reasonable distance from guests' places of work or home. Ideally, this kind of event will be held in an event space close to the city center. You can also choose a venue close to the airport or station. Don't forget to opt for a location listed in maps (GPS).

2. Accessibility to the Venue

Consider how your audience will reach the location. You should consider the possible or available transportation for your attendees. Is there access to public transportation or private vehicles? Knowing who your attendees are and their needs can help with your decision making process. If there are attendees with special needs, then you should check thoroughly the amenities and access information of the event space. If you require a venue in Hong Kong, BOOQED can assist you with that.

3. Available Services and Amenities

When choosing a venue, make sure you know what kind of event you want to hold. With that in mind, you should know exactly what kind of services and amenities you will need. Look for a venue that provides needed amenities such as AV capabilities. If there is a venue that will provide a clean-up crew afterwards, then it will be better as it saves you from the hassle of packing up after a tiring event. You can also look for a venue with a kitchen, tables, chairs, or other amenities to cut some extra budget.

4. The Venue Capacity

Make sure to find out the maximum amount of people the venue will allow. Surely you don't want your event to be overcrowded! Estimate the event size beforehand, then look for a slightly bigger place for better comfort. While it is better to have a spacious venue, you also have to consider the fire and safety codes that the venue holds. Event spaces for rent in Singapore tend to be available in many sizes.

5. The Layout of the Venue

Getting the floor plan of the venue is vital when planning an event. Not only will it inform you of the building layout, but it also helps with the layout of your event activities. Think about what kind of activities your event will have. Even rough ideas of the types of activities will help you with choosing the right venue. For example, if you need vendors in a U shape formation as well as AV equipment for a presentation, the floor plan can be modified according to these fixed must-haves. Hence, it will help with choosing a suitable venue.

6. Acoustics Inside the Hall

Granted that there will be floods of people entering the venue, a wrongly chosen venue can result in excessive noise inside the building. Thus, it can be an obstacle (that is often overlooked) to the event's smooth progression. The main culprit to poor acoustics is usually the size of the building. Before renting an event space, make sure you check the ceiling height to avoid possible loud noises or echoes.

7. Ambience or the Decoration

If you are certain on the design of your event, you should then pay special attention to the ambience of the venue. Does the infrastructure match with the upcoming event? What vibe does the architecture convey? If you are going to hold a formal event, you'll likely need a more sophisticated venue. While for an informal event such as an expo or a bazaar, a simple venue will do the trick. The simpler, the better.

8. A Parking Area and Access

In many cases, venue spaces inside big cities (for example in Hong Kong) tend to have their own parking lot. If there is no parking available, you can reserve nearby parking lots, or provide attendees with shared rides or a cab to reach the venue. Another option is to negotiate with public transportation such as taxis for lower prices or discounts. If you are having a hard time choosing a location in Hong Kong, you can find event spaces for rent using the BOOQED mobile app.

9. Insurance for the Contract and the Venue

Insurance is important, for both you (the renter) or the venue owner (the provider). Some venues may only provide services for those who have insurance. A certain amount of liability, as well as additional insurance for the event, might be needed. But don't worry, you can prepare with your insurance agent beforehand. At the same time, ask for the venue insurance to avoid any breaches of contract.

10. Cost and Flexibility of Time

The last and most important thing is the cost and flexibility. In some cases, the rental cost is negotiable. It is even possible to get a discounted price by providing 2 – 3 dates options. With regards to time flexibility, if you can find one that has a flexible event date, then secure that location. You can find all the information on available event space locations through BOOQED. There is a high possibility to book and negotiate with the owner through the app.

Those are some things you should consider when choosing an event space. Using a rental app can be a huge help in choosing the best venue for your event since the location is often already researched for you. There, you can consider the venue location, accessibility, layout, services, amenities, capacity, ambience, the cost, the contract, and many more. If you factor in the mentioned during your decision making process, there is no doubt that you will be able to hold your event(s) successfully and according to plan.

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