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10 Jobs for Fresh Graduates You Can Apply For

May 13, 2020

Everyone needs a job. But have you ever noticed that most of the job vacancies always have demanding requirements? One of these is having many years of experience. So, how about jobs for those who've never worked before? Or those who have just finished their studies?

10 Jobs Suitable For Fresh Graduates

Don't worry, some jobs prefer new talents they can train or are okay with graduates with bachelor's degrees. What are they? Here are 10 fresh graduate jobs you can look for.

1. Registered Nurse

If you graduated from the medical department, then one of the best job options is being a nurse. Granted the healthcare industry comes with numerous skill levels works. Even though you just finished your study, highly possible you can secure one of healthcare-related work. Hospital jobs are available for new grads who are open to working for a long shift. With this particular job, you can get real experience at handling patients and the opportunity to travel as well.

2. Software Engineer

Since technology has been advancing year by year, you can target this field as your job vacancy. It is especially a great opportunity for those who studied engineering and computers. At the same time, the job is starting to rise in demand. Try looking for companies inside and outside this industry, which try to keep up with the ever-growing technologies. This is one of the fresh graduate jobs where people looking for your skill to translate code and build software.

3. Teacher

Teaching is one of many job opportunities available for everyone, which means possible for other graduates outside education. While it is suitable for those from the education department, those with certain skill can also be an educator. For example, you got great language skills. You can teach or open a private class. This opportunity keeps on growing and getting better with more public and private schools implement technologies, adapt classrooms, and reassess their approach.

4. Salesperson

Working as a salesperson might not as fun or as cool as the office worker. But believe it or not, this job is a great opportunity to gain experience. You will learn critical skills, face your fear of talking to people, deal with rejection, practice deep listening, learn how to be pushy or persuasive, and many more. In many cases, this is one of many fresh graduate jobs that will be open to all departments or majors. It is because you will learn from the basics.

fresh graduate jobs - sales person

5. Project Manager

If you are looking for a flexible job, then opt for this one. This particular financial job is a good option for those who got the project management crash course. You will face some work relating to stress resistance, diplomacy, management, etc. The good thing is that this job can be done remotely or freelance. With this in mind, you can work outside the office such as working from your home or go to Coworker space using BOOQED apps.

6. Accountant

Accounting is a dynamic field, which means you can truly choose your path. If you got the related skill, you can always try being an accountant. You will work with audit and tax, but even more, you can expand your expertise to any other financial department. This job is one of the many fresh graduate jobs that will be fit for a bachelor's degree in finance, business, or accounting. While you might have to start from the bottom, this job is quite desired.

7. Account Executive

Once again this particular job will be suitable for those who finish business, finance, or accounting degree. An account executive will deal with balancing the needs, making contracts, and many more. The work will heavily rely on you to solve interesting puzzles and work with many people. A great negotiation skill, client service-oriented person, and talking ability are some of those great provisions you will need to succeed particular account executive job.

fresh graduate jobs - account executive

8. Administrative Assistant

No job vacancies or opportunities will offer you a high salary in the first place. As a fresh graduate, the administrative assistant might have to work for a low salary. But, this is not bad for those who want to learn. Strong communicator, natural organizers, quick problem solver, and great at handling pressure will be great for this one of many fresh graduate jobs. Starting from just a simple assistant, you can venture into a high ranking CEO or attorney to gain a higher paycheck.

9. Account Manager

Account managers with a salary of around $52,900 yearly can be a great start to a career. Especially, for marketing, business development, and sales job. Your main job is to solve any kind of company and client collaboration problems plus deliver great customer service. It is not that hard, but you should try from the bottom. In many cases, you got the opportunity to work with the corporate office, travel around to visit conferences, or to visit clients. It is perfect to build up your career.

10. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst will be demanded to handle analyzing data, learning about the needs, and prepare reports. If you were graduated from business, accountant, or finance major, you will have basic skills for this job. You can work with numbers and know what to do. So, from all of the fresh graduate jobs, this can be a great stepping stone job for everyone. Even more, almost all companies from different fields such as insurance, healthcare, bank, etc., will need this particular job.

fresh graduate jobs

To conclude, there are high possibilities of a vacancy for everyone. Whether you have enough experience or you are a new fresh talent, you should always try to get one. There is nothing impossible, even an entry-level job is easy to find. The best thing to consider is to get the job that relates to your major. If you studied as an educator, then try to be a teacher. You can be a financial analyst, account manager, accountant, etc. The first thing is to try and do the best.