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5 Tips On How To Follow Up On A Job Application Appropriately

May 18, 2020

There is something that every job seeker must know about, a follow up for the application. This is one of the essential things that will make your job application stand out the most. But do you know how to do it appropriately? This part can be nerve-wracking since you will be the first one to establish contact.

Tips To How to Follow Up For Your Job Application

Thus to help you get prepared, here are the tips on how to Follow up on a job application you should know beforehand.

1. Determine The Right Point Of Contact

The first and very important thing is knowing who will you send the follow up to. It might sound easy, but you have to make sure you can appeal directly to your employers. In this case, you can choose the recruiters before you send a follow up to the hiring manager. In many cases, corporate recruiters will have the connection to make you move forward in the interview process. So, where you have to look for the contact?

The answer is quite varied. If you got a connection or acquaintance in the company, then you can ask their help to find the right contact. You can even ask for a personal introduction to the people in charge. Then, how if you don't know anyone in the company? In this case, you must do your research. Look at their company's LinkedIn profile, their website's About page, or even the job posting itself. Find out who are the people who take care of the hiring, and he/she is your target.

how to follow up on a job application by email

2. Follow Up At The Right Time

When should you send the follow-up? There is no doubt, that you are curious and impatient toward the result, thus you are looking forward to sending the follow-up. While this kind of message can be stress relief and help you appeal to the employers, you also need to consider their decision. In this case, the hiring manager might take some time to find the real candidates. Through all of this process, you should be patient.

Most of the time, the job seeker will send the follow up a week after the application. This is the ideal time for the recruiters might have settled with the hiring process. This week you should follow up only about once or twice that spaced about a week apart. This is enough because you should once again consider the recruiters' side. Sending too much or even spamming will show how desperate you are, and this is a no go for the recruiters.

3. Choose The Right Method

Phone or email? There are many other ways, but how to follow up on a job application will highly relate to the follow-up format. In this case, you got at least 3 options to do, by calling the company, email, or go directly to the front office. Which one is appropriate? The answer is depending on the company and your conscience. In these modern days, email is more popular and highly recommended.

The unscheduled phone does more harm than good. It can either disturb the workflow in the company or caught off guard everyone close by. The person who answers your call might also not in the best state to answer, so this method is kind of risky. However, if done at the right time, a phone call can be a great pass for you. In this case, the main key is your ability to communicate and how you appeal to yourself.

Remember that phone call can take the recruiters' time away, so make sure you know your goal. The next how to follow up on a job application is by preparing a script and speak briefly. Lastly, you should make it as a conversation and be yourself, not just digging for information. You can also as for the next step, prepare yourself for whatever you need. In case you are not good at speaking, then use email.

Email is more modern and the best method for reaching out. You can demonstrate your interest and ability in many ways. From your writing, attaching your certification, or even your portfolio. The main key is to be polite, friendly, and emphatic through your mail. Don't be rude, make a brief yet clear email, and lastly is written with no mistakes, typos, or grammar errors. Use what you learn about the company to show your passion.

how to follow up on a job application by phone

4. Use A Polite Yet Friendly Words

The correct how to follow up on a job application will heavily relate to how you communicate. Whatever the method or approach is, you should be polite. If you do via phone, then make sure you can get your intention delivered right. Speak clearly and take the call in the quiet area. On the other hand, email follows up won't need you a quiet and serene area. But, you should make sure that you use a correct writing format and language.

5. Show And Create A Good Impression

You can appeal to the employers by creating a good impression. What you should do is do your research about the company. Their values, their product, etc. At the same time, prepare great and speak fluently in the follow-up. Show your passion and get what you want. You can do all of the how to follow up on a job application by yourself. In case you are not sure where to work on your follow-up emails or calls, you should use BOOQED to find a great co-working space for a quiet room to work by yourself.

how to follow up on a job application

That is all you should know about creating a follow up for the job application. While it can be a bother or nerve-wracking experience, this method is known to elevate your application. But you will need to make sure to create the appropriate one. You should know who is your contact, the right time, the right method or media, the great wording, and take the chance to appeal to the employers. It may sound simple, but it is not. So, do it as best as you can.