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Check Out These 8 Work From Home Jobs You Must Know About

May 22, 2020

With the current COVID 19, pandemic and the ease of having an internet connection, working from home jobs are soaring. The number of employees that have to stay at home and do their job has proven that work from home jobs can be successful as well, even in countries like Hong Kong where they weren't common before. If you are new to this remote working method or work from home (WFH) world, plus you want to join in, here are some real "work from home" jobs you have to know about.

Work from Home Jobs for You

These are some WFH jobs you can consider applying for:

1. Freelance Writer

Who would've thought that you can earn the average $62,170 income as a writer? Yes, as a writer you can cover numerous jobs within the field. You can create content, news articles, or any kind of content that will fill up the daily web updates. Having good writing skills and experience will be helpful and necessary to be a professional writer. But at some point, what you need is to strive your way with ambition and adaptability in this online work.

Although some of the bigger companies or sites have in-house writers, you are still able to find outsourcing or freelance opportunities. This is one of many work from home jobs that are mostly available from online sites. Jumping from one project to another project can be the greatest teacher and experience for beginner freelance writers. You can do your job at home, save transportation fees, take your time, and earn around $150 per article for this particular job.

2. Blogger

You can work from your residential area, where you write and build your blog. In the early stage, it hardly earns a dollar. But if you are great at making content or writing, then this can be a booming business for you. You should know how to grow your site, build an audience, and monetize it too. Surprisingly, an established blog can earn 30,000 dollars a year. How? Use sponsors, Google Adsense, or product sales in it so you can gain passive income from your posts.

3. Web Developer

Many people tend to look for those who can build a site. If you got coding skills, then this work from home job could be yours. Tons are making a living by becoming a web developer. What you need is simple: the correct set of skills, internet connection, laptop or PC, and a client that is looking for someone to build their site. A lot of web developers are self-employed, they find their clients, and make money from their requests. The average income is around $70,000 to $120,000 a year.

4. Translator

Language is your weapon. Though some jobs need a bachelor's degree, sometimes, just fluency in a particular language is needed. As a translator, you can do your job everywhere, including home or co-working places that you can find on BOOQED. Something worth noting is that some translator jobs need to deal with tight deadlines, so you need to learn how to work fast. Among one of the many self-employed job opportunities, the average wage is around $50,000 to $90,000 and it covers a lot of industries.

work from home jobs digital

5. Transcriptionist

Another WFH job worth looking at is being a transcriptionist. As you only have to capture what people say, this job can be done remotely. In most cases, you just have to deal with recordings, then write it down and make it clear. This particular job can be found in many online sites and can cover a vast number of other fields, including education and the medical field. But is it hard? Yes, it can be difficult to follow along what people say, but you can learn through experience.

This particular job also needs fluency in languages, at the same time, certain industry knowledge. For example, as a medical transcriptionist, you need to transcribe recorded medical dictations. Thus, you have to know and understand what they are talking about. The average wage you might get is around $17 an hour and a $35,000 yearly income. The requirement to apply this job is fluency (both in language and industries), a computer, earpieces, and great listening skills.

6. Travel Agent

Due to the rise of dedicated travelling marketplace applications, the demand for needing a travel agent is expected to decrease. However, you can still opt for this work from home job opportunity. The vast majority of employers are self-employed. They build their experiences though their travel agencies or be a personal agent. With an income of around 39,000 dollars a year, this can be your potential "work from home" or remote job opportunity, which makes it easy to apply and cope with too.

work from home jobs online

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the jobs you can do wherever you want, including your beloved home or co-working space. The high number of online business leads many companies to open this job opportunity in helping them complete administrative tasks and to keep them organized. At some point, the job varies. From simply taking care of business tasks and writing content, you may also be responding to urgent emails and handling customers. Thus, pay also varies. It can be around $27,000 to $43,000 a year.

8. Social Media Manager

Many big businesses are starting to hit the social media bandwagon for promotions and as a way to reach the customer. This job opportunity is flourishing right now. This is one of many work from home jobs that are relatively new since the online movement is still growing. If you are interested, the median wage for a good manager can reach $50,000 a year. Which is abundant as you are only working from home or wherever location you are working from.

work from home jobs

All in all, the improvement of technologies has created batches of working opportunities for everyone, especially beneficial to those who are looking for a remote job. Since you can access the internet, working through the online method allows you to do it at home or wherever you are. These job opportunities are worth a try. In case you can't work at home, use BOOQEDand look for co-working spaces and offices in Hong Kong to get your work done.