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It's Your First Day at Work. What Should You Do?

June 1, 2020

There is no doubt that the first day at a new job is a heart-thumping experience. You will meet new people, need to make a good impression, set up, and adapt to a workspace. So how should you prepare?

What You Should Do at Your First Day at a New Job

What you do on the first day at work will mostly affect your whole career. So, what should you do to make it a success? Here is the answer.

1. Be Prepared with Anything

In this case, you should show that you are prepared or have arranged everything you need for the job. Understandably, one might haven't figure out what to bring or wear on the day. Thus, you can ask the HRD person for what you need to bring or prepare. It can be about the dress code, the equipment, or even your lunch box. It will help you adapt and be part of the team better and easier.

2. Show Up Early

Another thing that will show your passionate and prepared self is when you show up early in the office. Make sure you got everything to jot down before you go. Especially if you have to commute using public transportation. At least know how long the commute will take and when the rush hour traffic is. If you come early on the first day at work, you can take the extra time to prepare for the day.

preparing first day at work

3. Ask Plenty of Questions

New hires or workers tend to be very shy and afraid to ask questions. In this case, to be a successful employee and show how passionate or grateful you are, take the chance to ask plenty of questions. It is very essential to make your progress move further and faster. Thus, listing some queries and ask your co-worker will help avoid mistakes in the future. It is also one way to familiarize and interact with others.

4. Observe Others

Being open to your surroundings is the key to adapting to a new environment. In this case, you will meet a lot of new people, thus the best thing you can do is to be a good observer. Listen and observe everyone in the office. It is prime to understand the conversation between people or what the boss said. At the same time, watch their behavior carefully. It will help you make friends with the right people.

5. Prepare an Elevator Pitch for the First Day at Work

What is the elevator pitch? If you wonder about this thing, the elevator pitch is a short explanation of yournew joband your work history. Most of the time, people will be very curious about you. What is your old job? What you did before you got accepted here? It is a very normal thing. Telling them your experience and what you will do, will make them know more about you. Thus, it is better to be prepared to talk and answer all the questions.

6. Relax and Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Normally, new hires will feel nervous and unable to relax. But it can be either make you have a bad impression or hinder your performance. Thus, relax your mind and be friendly. Talk to others, interact, or throw some jokes. It will help everyone and you get along well. However, you should pay attention to your body language. On the first day at work, don't bring a mug of coffee around or pouting your mouth for the day. It doesn't look good.

first day at work introduction

7. Pay Attention to How the Office Works

Asking questions, interacting, and observing the others is very essential to make your first day more successful. In this case, you also need to pay attention to how the organization works. What to do first, how the decisions are made, who takes the lead, and what everyone does. Knowing the co-worker's role will be very helpful for your adaptation. It also helps who you need to be available for, who you can ask help from, and what you should do as well.

8. Learn the Rules

In many cases, upon the interview, you will get a lot of information about your responsibilities and rules. But the first day you arrive at the office will be the time you get more detailed info. Either verbal or written, your job desk will be introduced on the first day at work. Take this chance to jot down and learn anything, but also do your best to do it. In case you want to suggest getting an alternate work arrangement, you can use BOOQED and check for co-working space around.

9. Show Your Enthusiastic Self

The first impression is very important, especially regarding your job performance. With that said, you should show interest in your job, be yourself, express your gratitude, put your phone down, project your high energy, and show how serious you are with the job. You can do it by being approachable, work your best, show your best attitude, and mostly give the most for your work ethic. It will make people impressed and have a great job evaluation of you.

10. Say Goodbye with a Good Impression

As your long first day is almost done and your time to leave is approaching, then say goodbye and show your gratitude. Thanks to the supervisor for accepting you and tell them that you looking forward to the work the next day. On the first day at work, everything can happen. In case your day doesn't go flawlessly, at least you have tried your best. Don't be too hard and remember you can do it tomorrow.

first day at work

In any case, people tend to create a heavy first impression from the first day they met. As a new worker, you should know where your position is and what you should do. That is why the 10 suggestions mentioned before will be very helpful. You will be more prepared, relaxed, be friendly, and open with others, show your compassion, understand the organization, and leave a great impression for everyone.