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Here are 8 Careers in Events for You!

May 29, 2020

There are professions that require more well-rounded skillsets and multi-tasking ability than most. Jobs in events are a good example. The skills required in the events world range from a knack for planning, to the multitasking job that expects you to socialize, be creative, and solve problems quickly. Find that interesting? Read more to see what kind of careers in events would suit you.

8 Event Jobs That Might Fit Your Skills

With all that said, if you are one of those aspiring event job enthusiasts. Here are some of the jobs you choose from.

1. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is one of the most famous jobs in this field. Since the number of weddings will be always there, the job is quite stable. To be part of this career, you should know that this is a huge industry. Understanding the in and out of every wedding topic is the basic skills you need. You should know about dresses, cakes, decoration, entertainment, events, sound system, to the marriage certificates.

In many cases, you can say that a great wedding planner should be able to provide enough information regarding the wedlock ceremony. It can be anything. From the requirement, the regulation, the law, the minimum budget, the expectation, etc. All in all, this is not an easy job. You have to help plan, taking the pressure on the wedding day, solving some issues, and make the decision to make the day run smoothly.

2. Event Planner

This is another big industry career. If you are interested to be an event planner, you should be ready to handle a vast amount of events. From high-end galas, conferences, work fair, etc. Event planners do it all. In many cases, this job requires someone capable of doing multitasking. You might have to plan for a simple kindergarten event, but then there is a request for planning a big end gala for the end year celebration.

To handle all of those things, one should be able to work, adapt, and progress fast. Multitasking is a thing, and the list of required skills are lined up long. This particular job demands someone to decide a lot of things, from the agenda, logistics for food, personnel, décor, technology, location, etc. if you look for a venue, you can look and book on BOOQED. At the same time, you will have to make sure everything goes as planned.

event jobs plan

3. Sponsorship Or Donor Coordinator

This particular work might be not as big as any other Event Job. However, the number is rising day by day. All because many non-profit organizations tend to look for this occupation to keep their operation going. In such cases, this coordinator will help convert the fund by creating dinner, lunches, other fundraising events, etc. Most likely, this job demands you to take charge of the catering for the important participant in the event.

4. Event Social Media Coordinator

The rise of social media users has affected many fields, including this event planner career. The job desk is a little bit different, but the social media coordinator is integral to make the event a success. What do they do? In this case, you can say that this particular job wants you to bring exposure to a particular event. All in all, this is social media even. So, as an event social media coordinator, you should promote it.

The main job is to gain attendees and bring enough hip for the events. This particular event job has responsibility for designing a digital ad campaign, doing live feeds, making unique hashtags, and many more. In this case, there is one obvious skill you should own. It is a skill and ability related to technology and computer. It can be knowledge of doing social media marketing, editing, or even creating caption and photography.

5. Catering Service

If you want a career in this industry that works around food and beverages, become a catering manager may be the right job for you. The main responsibility is to keep your guest and client happy, using a perfect five-course meal for an intimate dinner. If you are one of the aspiring event planners with food preparation, background knowledge, you should try this one. You will handle lots of planning, problem-solving, and preparing lots of things.

event jobs service

6. Event Space Or Venue Manager

For this particular career, most people know that they are an expert in their own space. You can say that they will work under their event job location, for example, event venue, ballroom, concert hall, arena, studio, etc. An event space or venue manager knows the layout, spots, ambiance, and logistics for varieties of different events. They will also try to plan, manage, arrange the area, etc.

7. Communications Or Marketing Manager

Surprisingly, a marketing or communication manager is one of the event planning jobs or careers you can choose from. Most of the time, this profession that works under a mid-size company tends to be in charge of planning promotional events or any other marketing appointment. In many cases, it is best to work as marketing, but also have the occasional event. It will help make your workload more varied and fun.

8. Volunteer Or Staff Coordinator

If you love to work with lots of new and different people, this profession can be ideal for you. In many cases, this particular worker is hired to help to succeed in a lot of events. Most of the time, this Event Job will handle all of the logistics related to the personnel on the site. Worth noting, that you will work with a lot of people. Some of the volunteers or temporary staff might lack the knowledge of the event's inner work.

event jobs

At least those eight particular jobs are available for an inspired event planning career. All of them have different expertise, skills, and abilities. But one thing for sure, everyone needs multiple skills to be a success. Most of the time, management and leadership skills are the most needed. You can be a wedding planner, event coordinator, event manager, etc. In case you need an event place, you can check and book using BOOQED app.