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How to be Productive at Work

April 19, 2020

Productivity is an important thing when it comes to work, so it is very crucial to know exactly how to be productive. Some people may find it difficult to be productive when they are working, others may find it more difficult to maintain the achieved productivity. Everyone has different methods to help them be more productive and combat those bad habits. The good news is, it is possible to alter your habits even just a little bit to be more productive than before. Here are some tips on how to increase your productivity at work.

Finding the Right Working Hours

Working hours do affect an individual's productivity at work. Thus, one of the important factors to productivity is finding the right working hours. This will depend mainly on your sleeping habits. Night owls may be much more productive at night. Other people can be more productive in the morning. According to a study done by Pennsylvania State University, people tend to get easily distracted between 12 pm and 4 pm. Around 2 pm, people often get very sleepy as well and hence, they are much less productive.

The research suggests morning to be the most productive time for work. The creator of Medium and Blogger, Ev Williams, lives by that rule. He works in the morning and leaves in the middle of the day. Focusing on working more during your most productive time will result in a lot more things done, than trying to work during unproductive periods. To find the right working hours, you need to evaluate yourself and find out when you are the most energetic, and when you're the sleepiest. You can use that to your advantage by working in the right hours and avoiding the hours of when you feel lethargic.

Organise Your Priorities

Some people call it the 'priority scale', when tasks are listed out in order of priority. This is important when you're trying to have a productive day. You don't want to be wasting time working on tasks that are not urgent. Tackle the urgent ones first so it can get completed. But how do you know which tasks are the most important? Here is a quick method.

To help structure your priorities, start by making a table with 4 boxes or tabs to fill. The vertical tabs will divide the tasks based on their importance. The horizontal tabs will separate the tasks by their urgency. The table can help you visualise the important tasks to do first, since things on the top left tab will be the most important. Postpone doing the tasks on the bottom right tab until you've completed the urgent tasks.

It takes time to get used to grouping things into the right tabs. Practice making and using the table for everything, from work to your daily routines. In a few weeks, you'll be able to have better productivity with regular use of that table.

Energize Yourself for a Work Blast

Think of the Nitrous Oxide used in street performance cars - it helps the car run faster. Each individual will have certain things that act as a boost for them, their own Nitrous Oxide(s).

A common booster is a simple cup of coffee. A lot of people rely on a cup of strong coffee as their 'boost' to energize themselves for greater productivity. However, doing that outside of your productive hours is not going to be very effective. A person who is hardly productive at work in the morning will not suddenly be super productive after drinking a cup of strong coffee. The booster will work best within the right working hours.

A cup of coffee helps increase productivity by helping you stay awake, but make sure to make use of it at the right moment. It doesn't even have to be coffee, it can be exercise, fresh air, a shower etc. Find the right 'boost' to energize yourself for better working performance.

Creating the Right Working Environment

One last thing to be aware of is of course, your working environment. The environment that surrounds you will affect you in many ways. Keep your workspace separate from your home area when working from home, since home promotes a feeling of comfort and you may feel too relaxed to work. Some people do feel less productive at home so they create a workspace that is away from their other things. Creating the right working environment is vital to increasing and maintaining your productivity.

A good working environment does not necessarily mean having the entire space renovated. It can be as simple as decorating the spot right in front of your dedicated workspace. Working in a place that faces the wall is not going to improve productivity. The best way to deal with a bad view is by altering and decorating it. Put up things you like such as posters and photos to create an interesting view for yourself. That will definitely help in improving the working environment for better productivity.

Working at a coworking space

If your home and office environment is still an obstacle to your work, try seeking a coworking space. These kinds of spaces are easy to find nowadays. It provides decent workspaces for anyone in need of it. Coworking spaces help a lot of early startups to grow as well.

If you want to find a good coworking space, BOOQED is the place to go. We can help you find a workspace in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Download the app now - available in Android and iOS.