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How to Find a Job That Suits You

May 12, 2020

Finding a job that suit our preferences is not that simple. There are so many things that we need to consider when it comes to finding which job to choose. Everyone's dream job would be a job that pays both the bills and works toward your passion. It certainly won't be easy to find such job, so here is how to combine the two.

Flexible Jobs as a Freelancer

There are plenty of opportunities that are available these days. Working as a freelancer can be a good choice for those who don't want to work for someone else. Some people are just not suited to dealing with office hours and working with colleagues, hence, self-employment is the way to go. Freelance work can be an option for those who are drained by going to the same office every day. The development of technology has created more opportunities for freelance work, especially service providers. A business consultant, for example, does not require set office hours. They can be flexible and their schedules often revolve around their clients'.

The self-employed can simply start whenever and wherever most convenient to them. Software engineers, IT consultants, and writers can work almost everywhere, as long as they have the tools they need. There are online media platforms wherein freelancers can work on. These media platforms will be the place to meet clients. The amazing thing is, clients can be found from all over the world. The advancement of technology has allowed people to run businesses, transfer money, and to make things work faster and better overall. This is why more young adults are choosing to become self-employed and use technology to facilitate their work.

Work & Traveling

From what we can see, flexible working has led people to travel more. Tourism has grown rapidly in the past few years because it is finally possible to merge work and play.  For those who love to travel and explore new places and cultures, a job that requires traveling is a dream come true. This kind of job opportunity is both fulfulling and rewarding. You can try to pursue jobs that can make the most out of your interests.

This kind of freelance job has given people the freedom to enjoy the life they want and also earn a good income. Their office can be at a villa, a coffee shop, or even in another country. Surely, many would want this kind of life. Not obligated to go to the office and be told what to do.

In some countries, renting a place for an office is almost impossible because of high costs. In that case, you will need to substitute it with a good coworking space. Coworking spaces is sometimes needed for freelancers to collaborate closley when working on a project. These spaces will prove to be useful in places like Hong Kong, where population density is high.

Temporary Office with BOOQED

what job suits you

It is often difficult to find a place to work in Hong Kong. But with technology, it's easier to find the right place to work temporarily. So, meeting a business partner or opening a seasonal Yoga class while in Hong Kong is definitely possible! BOOQED can provide you with the best coworking spaces in the city. Our coworking spaces are nicely built, both in design and location.

With BOOQED, there will be plenty of flexible offices that are available to rent. We have an app in which users can simply take a quiz to find their perfect workspace. Based on the information you've given us, BOOQED will filter the options and give you information on the property available. Once the user receives the property list, they can choose the place and their preferred time. Any hardware and equipment required can be prepared by us in advance. The app is user-friendly and are expanding in different countries too. BOOQED provides convenient offices with a wide range of rental prices. We carry affordable options and will service your last minute bookings and needs in just a click of a button.

In summary, you can work and earn money anywhere. It's amazing how people can work while exploring the world. Finding a job that suits you is not as difficult now, with the help of technologies such as proptech. You can kill two birds with one stone as a freelancer, working towards both money and passion.

Download the BOOQED app here: (available in Android and iOS)