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How To Prepare For An Interview Online Or Offline

May 29, 2020

Hearing the words ‘job interview’ might sound intimidating. Especially imagining how scary the interviewer will be. But there are always ways to ace this test. Whether you are going to do online or offline, preparation is the most important in every part of the activity,and so does your face to face meeting.

Are You Ready? Here's How To Prepare For An Interview

To help you get through all the unknowns, here are some interviewing tips, from preparation to actually staring down your interviewer (not actually kidding!)

1. Do Your Research

You should do your research for everything related to the job, interview, and the company. This prep work will help you prepare for any questions thrown in the interview later. It also helps you understand better about your job, qualification, and the working style. Learning about the job description such as the qualification, background, and qualities might help to increase your value in the eyes of the employer.

Along with that, take your time to learn about the company you are seeking. Do it as much as possible, it can be about the product or services, personality, values, the company culture, or the role of your position. At some point, the interviewer might ask about your knowledge regarding the said company. Why are you interested in their enterprise? Are your core values the same as theirs?

2. Consider Any Common Questions And Answers

How to prepare for an interview will always mention that you should learn about the common questions. Find the frequently asked questions and consider your answer for the interview. Do you think your answer is appropriate or not? Some of the common questions will be what make you interested in the position you are looking for? Or what you can give for this corporation?

Those questions are frequently asked to find out the resolution of the job seeker. It is also used to figure out how much you know about your job. Along with those questions, you must prepare some job relating questions. In this case, look for more detailed information. For example, an interview for the writers' role will relate to your knowledge as writers, you might also be asked to write as a test.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice Again

As you know some of the questions and prepare for the answer, the next how to prepare for an interview tip is practice. Nervous or jittery feet will make your interview impression getting worse. So, take the note and ask your friend or relatives to do a mock interview. Pay attention to your handshakes, smile, and probably sitting position. At the same time, make sure you can speak confidently with a strong yet friendly voice.

how to prepare for an interview offline

4. Print Hard Copies Of Your Resume For Offline Interviews

If you are going to meet or come to the company building, then be prepared for the offline interview. You will meet face to face with the recruiter and talk to them directly. In this case, make sure you got the hard copies for your resume. Along with it, there is nothing wrong with preparing some printed portfolios (if possible). It is also important to make a great first impression. So, come early and dress as professionally as possible.

5. Ensure A Working Setup For Online Interviews

During the COVID 19 pandemic, there are some of the interviews online. It can be video conferences or even call. In case you are going to do a video call interview, then make sure you are prepared for everything. From points 1 to 3 and some of the extra preparation regarding your facilities and gadget. In this case, do a test-run with your gadget to make sure everything is okay. Check the application, the audio, video, and connection.

It is also great to pick the spot that looks professional. You can either go to small places to avoid any distractions or look for a place with a great connection. To help you with it, you can go to the Co-worker space that can be booked through the BOOQED app. The situation, location, and amenities are perfect for a study, work, freelance, or to do your online interview. It is also possible to rent a private meeting room for a better ambience.

how to prepare for an interview online

6. Calm Down

Whether you are going for an online or offline interview, the next how to prepare for an interview will always about calming yourself. You have practiced before, you come early, dressed professionally, and got a lot of information in your head. As you are well prepared, put a mindset that you are ready. When you feel nervous, remember to slow down, take a breath, and take your time to think twice. It will put your mind at ease even for a second.

7. Prepare Thoughtful Questions To The Interviewers

To make a great impression, you should prepare some thoughtful questions about the company, job, or anything related to the interviewers. Some of the employers take a good note for candidates that asked some thoughtful questions. The query can be anything, from what the typical day looks like, what are the routine, is there any restricted thing to do or something, etc.

8. Confidently Make Eye Contact While Speaking

    Whether it is online or offline, eye contact is what you should do. Eye contact is said as the way to show your confidence. Looking away constantly will give the impression of you are hiding information or not a social person. In addition, speak about your skills and experience with conviction to seal the deal.
how to prepare for an interview

All in all, there is nothing impossible if you are well prepared for everything you do. In this case, your job interview will be done quickly and perfectly if you can prepare all those points explained. Your research of the company and the job, your preparation in answering the questions, your practice, etc. will certainly help to create the best condition for the interview.

Do your best, and you'll kill it!