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How To Reject A Job Offer Politely

June 19, 2020

One of the greatest dilemma that every job seeker finds is when they got job offers from multiple places. Most of the time, many fresh graduates or people who are in general looking for a job, they will apply for more than enough position in different places. It is increasing the potential to get accepted, but it can be hard to reject a job without letting down the company that took time to interview you through multiple rounds. Read these tips so that you can turn down job offers gracefully without burning bridges.

How To Reject A Job Offer Politely

1. Make Sure You Have To Reject The Offer

Getting some different job offers is a blessing, but how do you turn down a good thing when it's offered to you? So, before you decide and reject the offer make sure you do the final check. Do you have to turn it down? Which one you should reject? Why you should reject the job? Will you regret your choice? Ask these questions before you share the bad news with the company.

You can also make an immersive list about the jobs. Jot down the workload, the job desk, the location, the salary, and all of the important information regarding the job. If you find that everything is not suitable for your dream, then let it go. If you are still confused, the next how to reject a job offer is by talking through with somebody you trust. Ask their opinion about your decision and consider some of the input.

how to reject a job offer politely

2. Don't Let The Recruiters Wait For Long

As you sure the job is not what you want and decide to reject it, then act quickly. Choose what media you want to tell the bad news. In this case, you can choose to use email, letter, or even via phone call. But the best recommendation will be using the email. You can send it quickly and write as politely as possible. You also need to consider that most of the time the company will give you a due date for the confirmation.

Rather than waiting till the time is up, you should do it ASAP. It is because you must consider the effect on the recruiter's side. By giving the rejection quickly, you will allow them to open or filling back the job application. At the same time, this will make the company getting ready for whatever reasons you give. Along with it, the company will less disappointed and shocked by your decision.

3. Show Your Appreciation

But how to tell them the news? Whatever your media is, rejecting as polite as possible will make the recruiter feel relive or even put you in the potential candidate. The first thing you should tell us how grateful you are for being accepted. You can say thanks to the manager with a heart full of words. Make sure you mentioned that you enjoy the whole process of the interview or the application before you drop the rejection.

In many cases, people use the mail as their way to reject the offer. It is not a bad way, but in case you want to go the extra mile and show your appreciation, then try to call them. Calling and communicate with the recruiters directly will create a more personal touch. If you want to state the rejection clearly, then you should consider calling them directly. This how to reject a job offer method also great to avoid miscommunication.

how to reject a job offer by email

4. Explain Concisely and Clearly

It can be hard to tell the company the reason why you should reject the offer. You might also feel very hesitant to tell the reason why you are turning down the job. There are many reasons you can tell, from the total private matter to the unsuitable working condition you are seeking for. In this case, you should tell the truth, but not being too blunt. As a brief explanation, be very clear and straight forward.

One of the greatest reasons is telling them that you prefer a different company. It can be a real deal if you can state the logic of why the other company is your choice. If you feel insecure about it, you can tell that the different recruiter suits the best with you. Or you can mention that the position that is offered is great, but you decide that another role offers better opportunity, etc.  You will need to elaborate this how to reject a job offer tip.

5. Keep In Touch, In Case The Opportunity Makes Sense Later

Leave your conversation or rejection open-ended is important. Worth noting that looking for a job is not an easy feat. So, you should not cut the line with the company. It can be a great help in case you will need the offered job or interested once again with the company. If that's your intention, consider mentioning that you would love to keep in touch to stay up to date for future opportunities.

Keeping in touch can be either easy or hard to do. Since not all of the companies are okay with rejection. Some of them will let you go once they hear no. But simply mention that you are willing to see them next month, or keep in touch will be a great start. As you mention it as part of how to reject a job offer, you also need to maintain the relationship. Most of the time, the recruiter won't remember you, so send additional mail, or add them to your LinkedIn.

how to reject a job offer

There is no doubt that rejecting a job can be burdensome. Especially for the desperate job seeker or in need of a job. In many cases, this kind of phenomenon happens quite often. If you are sure that you don't need the job anymore, you should share the news immediately. Tell them the reason, but still keep in touch. And when you get your dream job, check out co-working spaces from BOOQED so you can start getting some great work done at the right place for you.