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How to Survive the Summer, Wherever You're Working

July 28, 2020

Forget the beach, the pool parties, and summer fun under the blazing sun - you’re at work this season. Sitting in your compact workspace is torturous enough, but having the heat slowly roast you alive like campfire smores is tough on your physical and mental comfort.

Everyone’s annoyance meter increases with the heat. The heat makes the blood boil, and sooner or later, the company will be filled with ticking time bombs where one mistake can make the whole group shake.

But don’t worry, we have tips to save you from the summer mayhem, plus have a little summer fun too.

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Play Up your Summer Wardrobe  

Keeping your company’s dress code in mind, switch your typical stuffy outfits into something summery and breezy. So, hide your boring suits and skirts because summer denotes a new wardrobe! Either find ways to incorporate your bright sandals and Hawaiian shirts, or scope out new styles at your local boutiques.
Since many are remotely working from home, you may not find a purpose in changing your clothes at home. But sometimes, changing your clothes can be a motivator in getting work done. By looking your best, you can feel good about yourself, and not have to feel self-conscious during Zoom meetings too!

Pair any lightweight pants with a contrasting suit shirt and you're good to go!

Try incorporating bright colours for summer! (Source: Harper's Bazaar)

Outdoor Meeting Fun

Who said you have to stay in your room for meetings? Even when you're having a Zoom meeting, tell your colleagues to step out for a virtual outdoor version! Whether it’s your rooftop, your patio, or any outdoor seating areas near your home, have your meetings outside to enjoy the nice summer weather. You get to enjoy a little fresh air too, as well as some Vitamin D energy.
If you don’t have an outdoor area, you can just book one (when it's safe to go outside, of course). Plenty of coworking spaces comes with an outdoor area, where people can chill outside when they get bored from working indoors. These terraces are usually filled with plants and greenery, so you get to recharge your under-fuelled brain in the oxygen-filled outdoors.

The Hive's outdoor area! Get spaces like this with the BOOQED app.

Crank Up the Air Conditioner

For the times you’re staying indoors, simply crank up your home's air conditioner for an instant cooling solution. The best temperature for workspaces is 22C (71.6F), however, due to our different metabolic weights, this "optimal" temperature may not be optimal for all. When your home is filled with your energetic children, annoying cousins, and elderly parents, opinions will differ. Those with a lower metabolic rate can’t handle being in a freezer for a home, but those with higher rates may find a few degrees higher boiling hot. How do you accommodate all the opinions of the house?

                             Most of us probably can relate to Goofy right now though...

Are we going to witness a temperature war, the battle of the AC, this summer? As difficult as it is to adjust the temperature to everyone’s liking, hold an in-house meeting to discuss the scientifically proven best temperature or take a poll and settle on the majority vote. Then, if people feel cold, or hot, they can help themselves in their own accord. Put on a jumper, use a fan, wear more/less... all appropriate measures to adjust your physical comfort.

No Air Con, No Worries

If your home doesn’t have an air conditioner for indoor cooling, no need to rush to the department store to stock up on their overpriced electronics. Make your AC! We have gathered a few hacks that seem odd, but works:

  • Icy Fan: Position a bowl of ice in front of your table fan. As the ice melts and releases its cold air, the fan will blow it towards you.
  • Icy Bottle: Fill the usual hot water bottle with ice water instead. Put it under your arms while typing, sit on it, step on it, however, you fancy to keep yourself cool.
  • Icy Window: Hang a damp sheet in front of a window. When hot air blows through it, the evaporation of water creates a cooling air system.
  • Icy Face Mask: Want to cool down plus get some privacy? Cooling face masks are a two for one deal for you to cool your face down while working, as well as scaring your housemates away. For a more subtle look, opt for cool down pads for foreheads and necks instead.

Position your fan like this and see if it works! You can add salt in the ice too, to slow the melting process. (Source: The Mirror)

Summer Luncheon Had Me a Blast  ♪

Nothing says summer more than watermelon, fresh salads, and lemonade! If you can’t participate in summer activities whilst at work, bring summer to you instead. You can switch up your boring sandwiches to seasonal lunches. It'll enhance the flavour (with in-season ingredients), as well as the summer vibes you'll be soaking in. Why not have a virtual summer lunch with your colleagues? Simply zoom each other whilst eating and talk about what summer dish you've made today. This can be a weekly fun activity, doubles up as a team building one too.

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Here's a summery fruit and veg salad to make! (Source: Drawing Recipes)

Stop Mosquitoes from Bugging You

In preventing you from looking like Blank Panther’s Erik Killmonger, make sure to take measures in preventing mosquito infestations. Don’t underestimate mosquitoes, because they carry deadly diseases and can cause killer itches that’ll ruin your week. Here are some precautions to take at home to make them mosquito-free:

  • Keep your surroundings clean: Clean up after yourself, especially food wastes, because mosquitoes love crowding around nasty food areas.
  • Fix the leaks and dehumidify the office: Mosquitoes love moisture. They’ll hatch millions of mosquito eggs in puddles of water, and soon enough, your home will be filled with an army of mosquito children.
  • Use sprays: Spray non-toxic repellents around the area, of course, not hurting others in the process. 

                                                  Sheldon Cooper knows what's up!

Stay Hydrated (with your beverage of choice)

When your body temperature rises, it will regulate it back to normal by releasing liquids of water, salt and fat from your skin to have it evaporated. You’ll basically be sweating. To replenish the inner workings of your brain and body, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Ice water especially helps when you're sweating under the blazing sun.

When coffee is your fuel...

Humans are 70% water, but your colleague that drinks up to 10 cups of coffee a day is maybe 70% coffee. With that said, even if you’re not a coffee lunatic, iced coffees are great in helping you cool down and stay alert for work. Since summer is already quite an annoyance, make meetings more casual by holding coffee meetings instead (you can get cafe spots with BOOQED by the way)!

That way, everyone can cool down, enjoy a nicely flavoured drink, and do usual meeting things.

Ice Ice Baby ~

Everyone likes ice cream, it’s a scientifically proven fact. To celebrate office birthdays and successes, order an ice cream cake to their doors instead. Or better, order an ice cream cake for yourself to eat "on behalf of them". The company deserves a break and a celebration for working during the summer, whilst everyone else is having fun. So, indulge in some ice cream together for a virtual ice cream party!

Here are some refreshing summer flavors, chosen by us to try!

Summer Playlist

Good music makes everything better. Blast on those summer bops whilst you is working! Since most are working from home, nothing is stopping you from cranking up the volume to your favourite hits. Here’s a summer playlist curated by us that’s calming as well as upbeat to get your creative juices flowing:

Stay Cool with BOOQED

Here's a cool suggestion, get spaces with BOOQED to get out of your stuffy workspace for a change. We have outdoor spaces where you can get a tan whilst working. Need an on-demand supply of iced coffee when you're heated and tired? We also have plenty of cafe tables at top coffee shops to book in advance.

Try booking a space in Hong Kong when you need to both work and get your chill on.

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