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How to Work from Home Efficiently

May 4, 2020

With the advancement of communication technology, most things around us are boundless. With that in mind, remote work is very common. It gives the workers the freedom to do their job anywhere, including at their own homes. If you are interested, this option can be as efficient as working at the office. Here are some tips on how to work from home efficiently.

Ways To Enhance Your Productivity While Working From Home

1. Plan and Prioritise Your Work

Planning your day is the best way to keep track of your work and productivity. Before you start working, it is important to know your priorities. Plan the whole day: jot down your most important tasks, how long the task with take, assign it to your most productive time, etc. You may be prone to the temptation of sleeping and snacking when working from home. Thus, you will find this idea very helpful in slotting in time for resting, exercising, break, or relaxing time regularly, without hindering your work schedule.

how to work from home efficiently

2. Dress Formally for the Right Mindset

You get to wear your cozy pajamas while working, but it can make your brain too relaxed. Instead of wearing such clothes, try to dress formally just like you do in the office. This includes doing your usual morning routine such as showering and brushing your teeth. Plan the outfit the night before and try to motivate yourself whilst getting ready in the morning. This idea will help you feel freshened up and energized to start working.

3. Set Boundaries

Granted that you won't have any co-workers around you when working from home, what about family members or pets? They can distract and affect your working routine. Counter these distractions by setting boundaries. You don't have to block them with a wall or avoid them by staying in your room all-day. You can instead encourage and explain to them how important your job is. Ask for personal and alone time so you can stay focused. But don't be too strict, especially for kids. You can add a fun sign like "do not enter" to let them know your progress.

4. Stay Connected with Other Co-Workers

Sure, you don't need to meet co-workers or talk with them, but make sure you stay in the loop. Don't abandon this aspect even if you are working from home. Try to check the office chat room, email, phone, video chat, or even meet in-person. Check-in with your co-workers to keep in contact and understand more about their current work situation. This idea can benefit both you and your coworker.

5. Clean Up Your Room and Organize it

Offices often have janitors that will clean up the room, but what about your home? Just because you own the location, doesn't mean you can let it get messy. Keeping your room clean and tidy can help boost your focus, productivity, and organization. Think about it, you can waste so much accumulated time trying to find something on your messy desk. Having to find important files from a scattered paper pile is the worst. Setting a weekly cleaning schedule can help to keep your room clean.

6. Improve Ambiance with Music

A great benefit to working from home is that you get the freedom to play whatever audio you like without disturbing your co-workers. Play your favorite music! You are free to jam out loud to music, as long as that's what gets you moving. But if you have a baby at home, maybe it's best to keep it down so the baby is calm and quiet. Play soothing, instrumental music, or a nature soundtrack. Just make sure this idea won't distract you (or others) so you'll forget about the tasks you have to do.

7. Plan Breaks for the Day

Got your plan for the day? Then you will be able to plan breaks for yourself as well. Since you are free from a strict schedule, you can decide whenever you need a break and for whatever reason. You can stay away from the computer for a while without feeling guilty. Get up, move around the house, get some snacks, a cup of coffee, get some fresh air, talk, or hang around with others at home. Get up from your desk, let your blood flow, reset, and get back to work.

8. Create a Dedicated Home Office to get Focused

The temptation of the TV and the bed can be overbearing sometimes. Your active pet that is constantly jumping around can hinder your concentration as well. That's why you'll need a home office. Add a desk, computer, and a chair that reminds you of your HQ. It can help you get away from that disturbance, get your alone time, have a secure place to put all the work-related equipment, etc. Your working progress will definitely improve.

how to work from home

9. Maintain Regular Work Hours

You can make your own schedule and plan, but make sure to keep up with regular work hours. Consider the times you are available for office needs. When is it when your boss calls? When you communicate with customers or co-workers? Keeping track and knowing your most productive times can help you determine your work hours. Consistency is vital here. Setting yourself consistent working hours will help you get focused for any office needs, without feeling like the day is never-ending.

10. Separate Work and Personal Time

The last and the most important thing is to create a boundary between personal time and work time. Don't extend your working hours too much beyond planned, so you can avoid being too stressed. Mixing your work and personal time will throw you off your regular flow, making you forget about the responsibilities you should take and eventually, making your work unproductive.

Increasing working efficiency and productivity can be done in many ways. Since you're working from home, you can match everything to your preferences. You can also increase your working efficiency by customizing your home as your office, setting priorities, regular hours, boundaries, and communication. The other option is to use co-working spaces close to you. Use BOOQED to find the best coworking spaces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Get your job done quickly and efficiently with us.