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How to Write a Resume for All Types of Jobs

May 25, 2020

In this ever-growing technology era, more job vacancies surfacing in the world due to the high demand for technology workers, education, business, creative, etc. With that info, job seekers should be more aware that each position will have different preferences or specifications, including your resume. To help you with that here is how to write a resume for different types of jobs.

How to Write a Resume

Before you make your resumes, it is better to understand that there is a need for the right or correct one. It means you should know the right format, what is the purpose, and how to make it impressive for a certain job field. There are some factors you need to consider when picking the right format. First, be aware that some jobs will prefer a resume that displays unique skill sets.

Second, there are some formats that great for highlighting the experience that is needed for a certain vacancy. Lastly, some jobs looking for a simpler format or those jobs that looking for your colour. In the case of creating the correct one, set what kind of job you are looking for. Since they have diverse format preferences, it is better if you know exactly what to include and show in the resume.

The correct how to write a resume will lead you to choose three types of resumes formats. The reverse-chronological format is preferable for those who are a traditional style that highlights your career progression. And skills-based or functional is mostly used for entry-level job seekers with a lack of experience. There is also a combination format that is great for underlining your transferable skills. It is more professional in some ways.

how to write a resume for fresh graduated

Entry-Level Or Fresh Graduate Resumes

If you are recent college graduates or teenagers who need to write a resume for work, then you will need to highlight your current ability and passion. It can be tricky in some ways for students or fresh graduates tend to have a small number of skills and experiences. In that case, your best option is to fill up the resume with other achievements. You can use the functional resume format which suitable for new job hunters.

What is mean by other achievements can range from your accomplishment in your school to the volunteer job you have done before. A resume tip that should be considered is showing your passion for the job. You can include your GPA, your ability in the classroom, or any kind of experience. Show as much as possible to make the employee of a part-time job, summer sales associate, or camp counsellor understand your purpose.

Technology Related Jobs

When you are going to the technology industry, then be prepared with high competition. The demand is high and so does the applicant. In this case, you must make a standout resume or job application. Don't hesitate to use the chronological format, resume as it will underline all of your skills. Along with it, you must be specific about your knowledge in a certain field, tell what kind of program you are proficient with, and bring your portfolio.

Since it is a technology-related work, most of the time the employee will look for technical skills. Of course, it depends on what kind of position you are looking for, it can be a civil engineer, web developer, information technology, software engineer, etc. So, how to write a resume for this job is heavily related to your skills and abilities. You can show them through portfolios.

Resumes For Education

In case you are going for a teacher, tutor, librarian, social worker jobs, your work experience and certification will be the main information your employee looking for. So, in this case, it is better to use the combination format. You can show your progression along this time through your certification and years of experience. Along with it, you show that you are open to any changes in the future.

Teacher Resume Examples and Writing Tips

Skilled Trades Field Resumes

In the trade position, such as electrician, engineer, plumber, ad construction, your skills, and experience will be the first thing your employer notices. It is great to use either the combination or chronological format, but you should highlight your technical training. What you should include? All the important files that show your abilities will be enough. It can be achievements, licenses, certification, to affiliations.

Resumes For Healthcare Field

Not far different from the teacher or education job, a health care career will demand you to prove your skills. Highlighting the skills, experience, and your certificate can help you a lot in securing the job. In case you are a new graduate, then make sure to learn or at least have volunteer experience to include. This field such as a nurse, pharmacy technicians, is suitable for a combination resumes formats.

Resumes For Creatives Or Writers

This field is very vast, which means you should be creative in creating an attractive resume. It is because there are more varied skills and experience in it. All the matter is creating a resume that relates to the position you are looking for. It can be a freelancer, photographer, writer, event planner, etc. In case you are having a hard time to get your dream job, consider the study, work, or do freelance at co-working space from BOOQED.

Resumes For Business

Finance, marketing analyst, advertising, administrative assistant, and soon are the example of the position you can choose from. When it comes to how to write a resume for the business field, what matters the most is various experiences and skill sets. It is the same with the higher position, such as management positions and executives that require concrete examples of facts and achievement.

how to write a resume

The basic of writing a resume is understanding the format and job preferences. You can say that a great resume will hit directly to the job and highlight what exactly is needed. In this case, format holds a great role in building suitable resumes. This means you can either use the functional, combination, or chronological one, if it is related to the job vacancies you are going for.