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Coworking Spaces and Serviced Offices - What's the Difference?

April 5, 2020

Coworking and serviced offices. We hear a lot about them. You probably have a vision in your head of what it is like to work in one. However, to be honest, there are so many different types of spaces and vibes available than what you already have in mind.

Part of the beauty of co-working is that it is all about flexibility, variety, and optimizing for your company’s productivity. People go to work, to, well, get work done. But each company and even each role have different needs when it comes to work. How does a company balance it all, but also determine what type of place is best for them?

That is exactly what we are going to talk about. Below you will find information about the different types of coworking and serviced offices that are available, the pros and cons of each, and for whom each is best suited.

The Types of Coworking and Serviced Offices

High-End Hospitality Coworking

If you are looking for a more luxury space, with a 5-star hotel inspired experience, these spaces will make you feel at home. Places like The Great Room and The Executive Centre focus on high end design and first-class service that will impress both you and your clients. Tenants in these spaces usually tend to have the need to meet with lots of clients and can be small financial firms, professional service firms, lifestyle and luxury brands, or well-funded start ups with smaller teams.

the executive centre
Prosperity Tower - The Executive Centre

Industry Specific Coworking

They say it is all about the company you keep. If that is important to you, you may want to consider co-working spaces that focus on specific industries. Sometimes these are sponsored by a company looking to build a startup community and ecosystem that fits into their own company objectives. If you are a maker, there are spaces like MakerHive specifically set up to be optimized for you with 3D printers, workbenches and more. If you are a fintech company, in Singapore for example, there are 80RR Fintech Hub­­­ and DBS Asia X to work amongst fellow fintech companies


Coworking With All of the Amenities

This is probably the type of place that immediately comes to mind when you think about co-working. They have functional and nicely appointed communal spaces. There is probably unlimited coffee (editor note: so appreciated). These spaces already have the furniture, internet, and most everything you need to get straight to work. WeWork, JustCo, Ucommune, The Hive, and more are the key co-working spaces that come to mind. While they do have their differences, particularly look at how membership in one location may open up opportunities to work in other locations of the same brand.

the hive sheung wan
The Hive - Sheung Wan

Turn Key Serviced Offices With Less Frills

If you do not need the inspirational quotes or the free coffee, there are plenty of options. You can still get the plug and play experience for an office through serviced offices that focus just on the basics. The emphasis will be on delivering a great office experience with less focus on communal space, kitchens, and lobbies. This can save some money, while still avoiding the headache of doing it all yourself.

Just The Office, No Build Out Necessary

Finally, an even lesser frills, and usually cheaper option, are offices that require you to bring your own furniture, but the rest is basically taken care. You won't have to hire a contractor like you would if you needed to do your own build out and fittings. This is great for teams that want to have control over the setup of the office. You also retain the flexibility as your team grows or needs change in the future.

Find The Best Workspace For Your Company

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an office. We find that it is often a lot more than price, size, and location that influence a final decision. People spend the majority of their days in the office, so it needs to work best for the team and their way of working.

That is why at BOOQED we work hard to understand the way your team will work, what is the vibe that you are looking for, and what you want in an office. We work equally as hard to understand the unique differences of all of our partner locations. In the end, this helps us to bring creative and unique options for your next office that enable you to do your best work.

Want to see what kind of coworking and serviced offices we have on the BOOQED platform? Check out our Singapore listings page at