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October 14, 2020

Office Space for Rent in Asia

With the advancement of technology, it is granted that offices are at the center of a new wave of change. As new companies get started, new ways of working are needed. Especially, with the increase of remote work and international teams. In this case, the demand for office space for rent is flourishing. To find the best office space in Asia, BOOQED is ready to help you. Check out this article for more information.

Get To Know  BOOQED

Understanding the growing demand for office space, we at BOOQED, a startup based in Hong Kong, are offering a solution. We are looking to change connection between spaces and workers. We aim to link workers with event venues, offices, or meeting spaces that are available around them. Whatever it is, the range of options is wide and varies. It can be a temporary location or even a rented office space.

To make it simple, the basic idea of BOOQED is to help companies or people in business find the right place or space for their work. It can be a temporary space or short term office space for rent. While we provide information for office space, BOOQED also lists several music studios, cafes, meeting studios, etc. for larger or different needs. To ensure all of our spaces will meet the needs of meeting or working, we validate and curate all of our spaces.

Get The Best Office Space for Rent

If you are looking for space to meet your clients in private or if you need a space for your company, you will need to think thoroughly. In this case, some points should be considered. For example, the budget, the amenities, the location, and the contract. Thinking about all of this on your own can be overwhelming. At some point, you will need consultation or advice from the experts. Ask BOOQED for a consultation to find out about how to find the best office space in Asia.

It is not easy to find one particular location as you desire. Thus, BOOQED offers a free consultation to help you get your desired office space for rent. You can state all your worries and concerns. This is also very helpful for foreigners or those who do business and travel a lot. For example, you are on a business trip to Hong Kong and in need of a suitable location to hold meetings using an LCD monitor or projector. You can use this service to get the best meeting place.

Reasons to Find an Office Space with BOOQED

If you are looking for office space with temporary or short time rent in Asia, including Hong Kong or Singapore, BOOQED is your best solution. Mainly because the mobile-based app has over 1,500 active spaces with our partners all across Asia. Looking for the right office space can take quite a long time. Thus, use BOOQED's advanced technology, secure transactions, dedicated concierge, and carefully curated spaces to find your desired location.

Making a Space Rental in 3 Easy Steps

Looking for office space for rent Hong Kong? With BOOQED all your transactions can be done in just 3 easy steps. The BOOQED app allows the user to book short term or temporary office space in swift steps. All you need to do is to open the application through your smartphone. After that, you can search and look around your current location for any available places. Then, choose the desired space and pay. Voila! your office space is booked and ready to use.

Finding Meeting Spaces through BOOQED

At some point, when you are away from your main office but need to meet a client, you will need a meeting space. It is quite common for those who have a lot of business trips overseas or out of the city. BOOQED is ready to help you find the right meeting spaces according to your needs and requirements. If you or your team need to have a meeting and leave the best impression to your client, consider using BOOQED.

Whether it is a formal meeting or a casual chat over coffee, meeting spaces to rent in Hong Kong and other Asian countries can be found on BOOQED. You will find more than enough options, from professional or creative locations, to choose one that suits your meeting needs. You can also choose a space that has a full range of amenities, such as audio-visual equipment or just simple cups of coffee to make your meetings engaging.

Finding Event Spaces In Asia through BOOQED

How about spaces to hold events? If you are going to hold a company event of a bigger scale, you can also look for the best space through BOOQED. There are a lot of listed venues with all the different features and amenities you can choose from. Since BOOQED has a lot of hosts and partners, you can easily find interesting and adequate event spaces across Asia. In Hong Kong, Singapore, China, etc. there are tons of listed events or venue spaces you can choose from.

Finding Workspaces In Asia with BOOQED

Along with venue and meeting space, workspace is also rising in demand. Office space for rent in Singapore that can be used for your team to work from is available in numbers. For example, the APEX Henderson workspace is a quiet, fully equipped place set up for individuals or groups to work. The APEX Henderson private office is a great pick for group workspace. With the cost of SGD 1,950 per month, this space is good for short term office space before moving to a more permanent one.

These are the ways to find office space available with BOOQED. As a breakthrough option, BOOQED gives solutions for people who need an office space. The mobile-based application is trustworthy and easy to use. With all of our hosts and partners, you will get your desired office space in just 3 steps. Focusing on the Asian region, there are many options for meeting locations, workplaces, and event spaces available in BOOQED.

Download the App

If you'd like to explore and book the best flexible workspaces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, try out the BOOQED app here: Download now (Android and iOS)

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