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6 Part Time Jobs for Extra Income During the Pandemic

June 11, 2020

During a pandemic like we are facing now, it is difficult to rely on one income from our main job. With low availability of needed products, prices are starting to inflate. Without a second income, it can be difficult for you to buy your daily necessities. Fortunately, you have many options for part time jobs after your regualr office hours to choose from. Here are some of them that we consider the best choices you can try.

1. Consultant

The first part time job you can try is becoming a consultant. You can utilize your skills, knowledge, and experience you have from your main job here. It could be anything; you can be a consultant for business, game development, cooking, and many more.

The best thing about this part-time job is you can do it from your home. Today’s internet technology allows you to create realistic communication with online video call softwares. Or, if you prefer to meet your client(s) face to face, you can always use a co-working space. Moreover, because it is temporary, it’s much cheaper than a getting a personal space in the office building.

part time job after office hours during pandemic

2. Yoga Instructor

These days, especially during the pandemic, people are more aware of their health. The self-restraining order also makes many people feel stressed. They need a way to relax and relieve their stress, and yoga is the best choice for that.

Now, if you have many experiences in Yoga training, or you even have a certificate as a Yoga instructor, you can try this part time job. The best part is that you can use this part-time job to train your body and relax your mind. Isn’t that a great addition you can get from a part-time job?

Another important thing that you must know is that this part time job may need space or room to provide the service. So, make sure you have free room at your place for this job. Or, once again, you can rent a co-working space.

3. Business Owner

Try starting your own business. If you do it correctly, you can earn more from this than your main job. You also can choose many kinds of businesses you want to try. The best choice is doing business in a field that you also like. For example, if you like cooking, you can try cooking-related businesses. Selling cookies or making snacks is one of them.

This kind of part time job won’t take too much time to do, especially if you keep it on a smaller scale. It might grow and be popular though. At that point, it is your choice, either to keep your main job or leave your office job and focus more on running your business.

4. Tutor

Teaching is another good choice, though it may be difficult to teach students in higher education. Unless you have a certificate and knowledge about the subject, you can’t really take that kind of role. However, for elementary school students, we believe you can do it without having too many problems.

School hours would have finished by the time you're off work, so you should be able to tutor without any problem. This part time job also offers two options. The first option is the home tutor. It is when you teach your student privately at their home. This part-time job can even be classified as one of massive income.

The second option is that you can try teaching a class. It will be much easier to get students, as you can offer it at more affordable prices than the private tutor. Just make sure to prepare some room to facilitate your teaching services for your students.

part time job after office hours big income

5. Caregiver

There are many types of part-time jobs in this category, being a nanny is one of them. This is the perfect part time job after office hours, as you can use your time effectively. Many people in today’s crisis tend to have second jobs and they have no time to care for their children. You will enter here as the helper.

You provide help and care for other's children while the parents are working part-time. It is interesting, right? You are a part-timer that helps other part-timers. More importantly, this job will give you the extra income that you need. Plus, you don’t need to worry about finding a room to provide your services.

6. Online Worker

You'll work by using the internet. Currently, you can find thousands of part time jobs you can do online. You can be a blogger, YouTuber, content writer, and many more. You only need good internet connection and skills to make interesting and helpful content. You can even work online in the same field as your main job. It even helps you to get more trust if you work in the field that you are experienced with.

The Bottom Line

part time job after office hours

Those are only a few of the part time jobs you can try today. But, before you try them, you may already notice that some of those jobs require extra space to do. For this need, you can try BOOQED's services.

BOOQED allows you to find co-working spaces you can rent at affordable prices. Furthermore, they also help you to get the space/room that matches your preferences and your part-time job requirements. Now, with this service and the list of part time jobs we have above, you won’t need to worry about where to get extra income.

Remember to stay healthy, and keep moving on!