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November 30, 2020

Remote Work - An Ultimate Guideline To Start Working Remotely

When there is a need to change the workspace, many people find it hard to do. Whether it is a mere changing location, or even worse, working at home. The trend of work at home is skyrocketing since there is a Covid 19 pandemic, people are starting to do remote work. But what you should do?

Tips On Managing Your Remote Work At Home

Here are the tips and guide to start your work from home.

1. Create A Dedicated Workspace

In many cases, people tend to choose to work at home rather than other facilities. It is granted that the home comes with many amenities and facilities. You got electricity and any consumption ready. But at the same time, your house can be a chaotic factor that messed up with your duty. All was due to the TV or the temptation of sleeping in your comfy bed.

This is the time to determine your dedicated workspace. If you can get a room that is purely transformed into a dedicated workspace, then that is the best idea. But if you can't, then a simple curtain to separate the room will be enough. The idea of creating a dedicated workspace is varying according to your home living and needs.

No matter the execution will be, the main key is to find a place where you can focus on your remote work. Just as the name says, you are meant to be remote and far from any distraction. As you found the space, make sure you are comfortable in that area. A small little room in the corner of the bedroom is enough, but make sure you are happy with the place.

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2. Keep Talking With People

You should understand the importance of keeping the communication works. When you are far from your colleagues, most likely you have less time to make conversation with them. But it doesn't mean you should stop altogether. Even though you should communicate using an informal method with your employers, bear with it since that is how you maintain the work.

Take the opportunity to utilize technologies. You can use video calls, video conferences for a meeting, creating a small group chat, and talk more. There is numerous application you can use for communication. It can either for formal or work-related chat, or you can even create a casual coffee chat with your friends and family while doing remote work.

The idea of keep communicating is to avoid being lonely during your work. If you are unable to talk with your colleagues, then you can connect with your family. Working remotely allows you to bond with your family more than working at the office. That is why take this chance to play with your kids or your cats.

3. Keep The Routine

As you are doing something new, there is no doubt that your routine will be messed up. From waking up early to prepare for work, now you can wake up late because you don't need to commute or eat breakfast. It is hard for the first time, but after months or times later, this routine will adapt to your brand new working schedule.

The key is to be productive in keeping with your usual routine. Wake up at the same time, take shower, and wear appropriate clothes. This idea will help you freshen up and have the same mindset as working at your office. But you also need to adapt and experiment. You should add exercise, bonding with family, and resting as well.

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4. Remote work – Work-life balance

At some point, people tend to get more under pressure because of the new environment. This is not the main case, why burnout or stress happened. One reason is that one is unable to create a work-life balance. The idea of work-life balance might vary from one person to another, but the key is to separate the work and private life.

This is most likely the hardest problem to face. One of the reasons is because you are far from your office and should work around your family. Your kids, parents, or pets might disturb you when you are working. That is why you are unable to focus on your job. In this case, you should explain to them and separate your need.

You can either stay in your dedicated workspace, permit interaction at a certain period, or you can leave your room for a better location. If you choose the latter solution, you can do your remote work duty at the co-working space via BOOQED. At a co-working space, you got to do your work or meeting with your colleagues daily or as you need.

Along with the location, it is also great to separate your working time and private time. Particularly when you are new with work from the home condition. You can make a schedule for spending your time with your family at night, get some exercise in the morning, planning to meet a friend at weekend, etc. the main idea is to refresh your mind and prevent burnout.

5. Embracing The Change

Take the chance of working outside the office as a way to relax. Underline the idea that you are now far from your scary manager or boss, so you can enjoy your time. Remember that transitioning from office work to remote will need a process. It might be hard at the beginning. But over time, this event will gain you more benefits.

From a more relaxing atmosphere, close with your family, to cutting some commute cost, remote work will be better if you embrace it. Understand the difference and changes. Take it and maximize the function. Speak up if you got some issues, adjust to the new routine, and eventually, the new working environment won't be too bothersome.

remote work

When it comes to working remotely, there are many reasons behind it. Whether it is due to the CORONA Virus, or company issues, this kind of work is rather inevitable. That is why both employees or managers should underline the 5 guides. From creating a workspace, keep communication, routine, adapting, to separating your two lives, this guideline will help you do the job.

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