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7 Room Setups to Consider With Your Meeting Room Rental

April 14, 2020

You can hold a meeting from a variety of places - in a dedicated meeting room, office space, café, or even while taking a walk outdoors. However, the arrangement of seats and desks, and how they allow for interacting with the speaker and presentation materials, matters just as much as the venue. Some meeting spaces are set up to facilitate group discussion while others are great for personal interaction or passive learning.

So how do you choose the kind of meeting room set up you need for your event? Here are some of our notes.

Consider these room setups when making a meeting room rental

1. The U-shape Style

U-Shape meeting room is commonly used because it's easy to set up and doesn't need a large space. As the name says, you need to arrange all the tables in such a way so it forms a "U" shape. You can also use a round table placing seats around the perimeter, leaving one opening at the end for the speaker, or a screen for a projector or video.

This setup is recommended for a meeting that involves presentations from different attendees. Attendees are also able to take notes and lay out other materials on the table. Typically, this meeting room setup can accommodate 25 people.

2. Hollow Square Style

Though also known as a closed U, an "O" shape is a more accurate description of the hollow square style. The hollow square arrangement is done with rectangular or square tables placed next to each to form a space in the middle. This space is where the speaker or facilitator stands to deliver the presentation and interact with the group.

This arrangement tends to not be versatile. It would be difficult for the facilitator to interact with a large group size. This style is ideal for a breakout session or workshop so the facilitator can go around to talk and work with various groups.

Make sure that the capacity of the meeting room is adequate for this arrangement before deciding on it. Take into account equipment inside the room as well.

3. Boardroom Style

The other common setup is the boardroom style. This is the classic meeting room setup. Attendees gather around a large table to discuss an agenda.  You can also create this arrangement with four smaller rectangular tables in the center of the room, with chairs around the perimeter. This style is ideal for sessions involving back and forth among the participants - great for focus groups or a mid-sized workshop sessions.  

This is a versatile setup. The boardroom setup can be used in a narrow room. It can also accommodate up to 25 people. At the same time, this arrangement allows for the use of an LCD screen, projector, cables, etc., if one side is left vacant.

4. Classroom Style

This setup will remind you of a classroom's desk arrangement. The audience will be sitting in rows while facing the main speaker. You can use this setup if the speaker will be calling on audience members to participate. It is ideal for training sessions, orientations, or lectures since the audience can take notes with notebooks or a laptop.

5. Auditorium Style

This setup is usually used for large meetings and conferences, such as a general company meeting or a shareholder meeting. If you're holding a gathering similar to a TED Talk, then this is the right setup for you.

There will be a front stage for the speaker or moderator, and the audience will be seated in long semi-circular rows.

This won't be the right setup if you expect the audience to take a lot of notes since the seats generally don't have a table. This is unless you're renting a university lecture hall.

6. Banquet Style

The banquet setup is perfect for a meeting or event that facilitates networking. The arrangement allows attendees to mingle in groups and move freely from table to table. Numerous round tables are normally used for this type of meeting room style. This is also meant for a larger event and you would have to rent a large banquet hall or restaurant section to accommodate this setup.

7. Casual Meeting Room

Casual Meeting Room Design

Sometimes a meeting can just be done with a casual setup, such as with 1 on 1 meetings or small group meetings. You can hold the meeting at a small table at a café or restaurant. You can also rent an enclosed space that has an LCD monitor and outlets at a coworking space's meeting room.

For casual meetings like this, you can use the BOOQED app to select an available cafe, restaurant, or coworking meeting room near you, and make an hourly meeting room rental. This is perfect for when you're on the go or on a business trip, and you need to make a meeting room rental in Hong Kong. You can just select a space through the app, book, and drop-in.


When making a meeting room rental, you should think of the purpose of the meeting, and the arrangement that best suits the agenda and the number of participants. Services like the BOOQED app also let you see capacity information, amenities, visuals of the meeting space, so you can select the best one for your meeting.