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Should You Take a Job with Flexible Working Hours?

May 12, 2020

The current pandemic has shown clear proof that you can no longer rely on only regular jobs with fixed working hours. You may want to consider moving to the ones with more flexible working hours or taking one as a secondary source of income. When the pandemic requires you to stay at home, attending your regular jobs will be harder or even impossible. Taking a secondary job that you can do from the comfort of your home can be a wise decision.

Which job offers you flexible working hours? Is it wise to take a job with a flexible schedule? Where can you do your work efficiently if you take a job with flexible working hours? These are among the most common questions given by people who are attempting to take a job with a less strictly defined schedule.

Jobs with Flexible Working Hours

jobs with flexible working hours

The number of jobs that offer flexible working hours is almost limitless. In the past, there were not many people who were interested in these kinds of job because they believed that a regular job with a stricter schedule offers better financial and job security.

Today, however, when high-speed internet and smart devices are becoming the new norm, more and more people are tempted to take jobs with flexible hours. If you are among the ones who want to work with a flexible schedule, here are several jobs that you can take.

1. Trade Jobs and Entrepreneurship

If you have certain skills that could be useful to many people, you can take any job that requires trade skills. Being a plumber, electrician, translator, or any other job that doesn’t require you to work at a definite place has become handymen’s favorite since years ago.

There are several things to consider about this job though. Although this kind of job doesn’t subject you to a strict schedule because you basically work based on received orders, being a handyman might not be the best job to take. Especially during this time, when everyone is locking themselves at their home and prefer repairing their problems on their own without the risk of allowing a stranger in. Besides, being a handyman also means you have to be ready if someone calls you in the middle of the night to deal with some nasty garbage clogging their pipe.

Entrepreneurship can be a better choice because you have complete control of your business. You don’t need to wait for orders and you will be increasingly better in managing your business as it grows. The most profitable businesses that you can start in 2020 are content creation, selling products online or dropshipping, and selling artworks and stock arts (photos, videos, music, etc.) at stock provider websites.

2. Freelancer

Online freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr open fresh opportunities for people who want to work at home with more flexible working hours. The number of jobs available on those platforms is almost uncountable and it gets bigger and bigger every day. If you have joined any of those platforms, there is very little chance for you not to get any jobs. If you truly have some skills to offer to those platforms, you can definitely find prospective employers sooner than you expect.

This also works on the employer’s side. Employers looking for employees will find those platforms excellent for recruitment. When so many people need new jobs with flexible working hours, especially during the current pandemic, looking for professionals to hire should not be difficult.

One thing to consider before you resort to this channel is that you have to prove that you are hirable. Admission to those platforms gets increasingly more difficult nowadays because they want to make sure that every account holder is a real professional. Upwork, for instance, no longer relies on the old-fashioned tests that you can take after you have an account. This platform will check your credentials and portfolio immediately during the signup process, so make sure you are well prepared when you want to make an account at Upwork and other freelancing platforms.

3. Regular Jobs

There is a big chance that even your current regular job with its strict schedule becomes much more flexible nowadays when everyone is forced to work at home. Your employer has to make a compromise by allowing their employees to work from home and therefore, will ease the schedule. Since you can now work from home, you can plan your days and do your work outside the usual schedule, though you still need to submit to your company’s deadlines.

Is It Wise for You to Switch to a More Flexible Work Schedule?

flexible working hours jobs

There are many advantages to taking jobs with flexible working hours. Because you are no longer bound by a strict schedule, you can plan your working hours more independently and flexibly. As you accustom yourself to this habit, you will have increased awareness of your control over your business. And if you do your job from home, you can save on various costs, such as commuting and outside meals.

There are, however, also several disadvantages associated with a flexible work schedule. Many employees feel that, without supervision, they tend to work less efficiently and productively. Besides, a home, even with a home office, is not the best place to work due to the many distractions that comes with it.

Where Should You Do Your Work with Flexible Working Hours?

flexible working hours

You can do your work from the comfort of your home; however, if you think that you are distracted a lot when working at home, you should consider working outside. Despite COVID-19 locking everyone at their homes, some places have been lessening their restrictions. It becomes increasingly probable to work outside now. You should consider it, especially if your productivity is compromised when you work at home.

If you are curious as to where is the best place to work outside your home, BOOQED can help you with that. Our coworking spaces free you from all the harmful distractions and provide you with everything needed to work peacefully and productively, including comfortable and quiet spaces, reliable internet connection, and a positive atmosphere for working. These coworking spaces have applied all the safety protocols needed to protect their clients from the pandemic, so you can ensure that you are well protected while doing your work there.