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10 Tips to Job Hunting to Land Your Dream Career

July 6, 2020

Nailing your dream career needs a lot of patience and preparation. Even though you have sufficient skills or abilities, if you are unknown or not the owner of a superior CV, it's not easy to get your foot in the door. In this case, the way you go about job hunting makes a difference.

The Job Hunting Guide for You

With that in mind, from doing a comprehensive job search to nailing your interview, here is the job hunting guide for you.

1. Update Your Resume

Updating your resume is one of the important steps in succession a job search. When the employer looks at your resume, they need to see all about you. In this case, make sure you jot down everything needed for the job. You should make a resume that shows your interest and target. Has updated information such as email address and contact. Highlight your career achievement, use engaging words, brief but precise, easy to read, and accurate.

2. Clean Up Your Social Media

If you are going to show your social media or other links, it is better to screen, filter, or clean up some of the content. There are high possibilities that the employers will search and googling you. In this case, you should make sure your social media are free from inappropriate and controversial content. Social media such as an Instagram, blog, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. can either show the good or bad aspects of your lifestyle, so curate wisely.

3. Determine Your Goals

As you create the resume and looking for the appropriate career, it is great to determine your goal or interest. What kind of job you are looking for? Do you want a shorter commute or a job that leads to bigger goals? This method will help you filter out the whole bunch of work vacations. In this case, there are five keys that you should consider. The stability, pay and benefits, opportunity for growth, company culture, and the level of responsibility.

job hunting guide tips

4. Choose the Right Job Listing Sources

Where should you look for a job? In this case, numerous job boards provide numerous current job postings. It can be a great idea to know more about the site and find out the reputable aspect. You can also look for a job from the official company career page, recruiting agencies, or even networking. What matters too is to look deeper into the job vacancies before you apply for them.

5. Optimize Your Business Account on Linkedin

While you are creating the most captivating CV, it is great to follow the current trends. In these modern days, you will need LinkedIn. This site is where you can boost and show all your profiles and working experience. Make sure you update and pack the profile with relevant keywords, so employers can easily find you. In this case, you should feature a professional profile photo, interesting headline, updated, a comprehensive list of skills, etc.

6. Write A Captivating Cover Letter

Some people say that the digitized profile such as LinkedIn is enough, but some employers might love the traditional ways such as cover letters. Just make sure you make cover letters as captivating as you can. Customize it for each role you apply and address to the hiring manager or recruiter, include your up-to-date contact, brief but straight forward, and clearly states which position you are looking for.

7. Make A Schedule For Job Hunting

The next guide in managing your time between making your CV, searching for the post, and reaching out to the company. Applying is a little bit a numbers game. The more often you show your participant on the board, the more opportunities you get. But your timing is also crucial. No one wants to attend 10 interviews a day. It is not only making you lose focus, but also have a hard time to manage which company to visit and check first.

job hunting guide - schedulling

8. Flex Your Follow-Up

Employers will take a lot of applicants. In this case, showing your ability and flexing what your capability can help you secure a position. Be confident is the key. You can flex by sending the follow-up message to the department you are targeting. Where and what you should say? You can write the follow up as the message or email to the particular employers. This particular job hunting tip is optional, but most likely it can give certain plus for you.

9. Practice Your Communication Skill

After you send a bunch of applications, now it is time to prepare yourself with the interview. Whether you are confident of being accepted or still in the cloud, it is better to know what to say. Managing your communication skills is crucial. Make sure your phone is ready or at least you got clear and professional outgoing voicemail. Use the professional email address and respond to people within 24 hours.

10. Complete Your Interview With Flying Colors

Being well prepared and confident will help you in the interview. In this case, you should practice quite a lot. Ask your friend or trusted colleague to help and make a simulation. It is also great to research the industry and company, the interviewers, or the method. Make sure you are prepared. In case you are not accepted after doing the job hunting guides, you can look for freelances and do the work at Co-working spaces that can be booked through the BOOQED app.

job hunting guide

All in all, you can say that preparing and kicking off a job hunt is not an easy feat. This especially important if you are looking for a certain career. Deep research, updating the resume, use your information, making an interesting CV, make a schedule, practising, etc. Will highly help you secure your position after the interview. With that said, it is important to create immersive and great preparation before, whilst, and after the job searching is on.