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Want To Work From Home? Check Out These 5 Freelance Jobs For You!

May 29, 2020

With the versatility of the internet, there is no doubt that the number of out of office jobs will gradually increase. As a matter of fact, remote work or long-distance job opportunities are starting to flourish and attract more attention. With that in mind, most of them come in the form of freelance jobs.

5 Types Of Freelance Jobs You Can Try

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job varies quite a lot. It can be in the form of customer support, replying emails, to administrative support. At some point, a virtual assistant may have to take a bit of work relating to writing. However, worth noting that this particular job often includes a wider range of job desks. You can name it such as managing communication, chat support, research, scheduling, to writing some planning.
Just as the name says, you will be an assistant. So, your work will depend on the type of tasks your client needs them to. It can be anything, but you can notice that the work will still relate to office assistant tasks and responsibilities that are carried on an online basis. As one of the non-permanent jobs, this particular job is easy to start. Especially if you are skilled, have the basic tools, and quick to learn.

2. Photography Freelance Jobs

The photographer field is as immersive as a virtual assistant. While you can take a snapshot for almost everything, you can take this opportunity to gain a non-permanent job. So, this idea is one of the most popular options you got there. You can be a wedding photographer, wildlife, fashion, music, family, lifestyle, stock photo, or any other photography field. The numerous options make people take their attention to try this job.
Isn't it hard to start? You can see that people are interested to try because of how simple to dive into the job. Even the less experienced people might able to get the job started. The main consideration is to find your specialty. You can set them, and look for a potential client and start your career. You can also show your competence through the portfolio. Takes pictures as much as possible, post it on social media, and learn more while seeking for a latent buyer.

3. Freelance Writer

Freelance jobs that well known is being a writer. It is not a surprise anymore, but the high demand of writers all around the globe continues to flourish. However, worth noting that the demand is highly targeted to a digital world. What does that mean? You got to see, that the number of internet users keeps on rising. That means there is high value in the online realm. Articles, blogs, marketing, research, eBooks, etc. are starting to gain attention.

freelance jobs - writers

The number of traffic on the internet can be monetized. Thus, many companies or people are trying to hire writers to get more online audience. What makes this job appealing is the fact that it also reaches the creative and formal styles of writing. From the online reading material, you can also be a ghostwriter for books or public relations. However, once again the highest demanded writers are the articles or any other online writing materials.

Is being a writer considered one of the best Freelance jobs you can take? In some cases, you can say yes. A freelance writer has higher liberties in controlling time and how you start the career. You don't even need any experience as a writer. You got to learn while writing, get some study alongside the work, and do all of the jobs wherever you want. From home, café, or looks for a different atmosphere by working on co-working space via BOOQED.

4. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is another job that is considered popular due to its high demand. But, worth noting that this job will require a certain level of craftsmanship and creativity. You can say that; your portfolio will be one of the greatest determiners to secure a client. However, what you should do at the start is determining your niche and specialty. For example, you are better at drawing a realistic picture than a cartoon, then set that as your niche.
In this case, researching different designers will be a very appropriate step before sailing into this job field. Why? The main reason because no one wants a loss. Deciding the type of graphic is one thing, but set the price is also important to do. So, do some research. How does other Freelance job designer pitch themselves in the market, and how much do they sell it? Once again, showing your portfolio is way more important than your degree.

freelance jobs - programmers

5. Programmer Or Web Developer

If you are looking for a more specific market with certain skills and abilities, then you should take a look at this job. Once again, you will need a certain knowledge of this job. You need to have basic knowledge and ability in developing web or do some programming. However, it doesn't mean the opportunity is closed for those with little to no experience. You got numerous sites that offer some lessons and beneficial information to start your learning.
So, what to do if you want to start the job? Just like any other opportunity, it is better to set your niche and focus. What kind of program you are good at developing? Or what kind of audience you are looking for? While many companies or people tend to hire those with a computer science degree, Freelance jobs employers most likely look for skill. Thus, you can display all your abilities trough your portfolio.

freelance jobs

Overall, it is pretty clear how technologies have drastically affected the job realm and possibilities. Now, it is quite common to find work from home opportunities. It is not impossible to get permanent remote work, but freelancing opportunities are interesting as well. With all that said, you get the chance to try being a writer, designer, or programmer without being tied to one company as a permanent worker.