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What Motivates You at Work?

May 30, 2020

People have an attention span ranging from a very short period for a long period. While shifting focus occasionally relieves boredom, at some point this will lead to decreased motivation since you start to lack interest in what's in front of you.

In this type of scenario, employees should keep searching externally and internally for what keeps them engaged. Because, as they say, when you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. You can't achieve much when your motivation is always drifting. So what really drives motivation at work?

what motivation you at work

Five Key Factors That Will Motivate You At Work

Let's take a closer look at what motivates you at work.

1. A Positive Company Culture

Your company culture will play a major role in your motivation. In a matter of fact, some research shows a strong correlation between employees that feel happy with the value of the work. From the study, it can be said that a working environment holds dear the motivational value for each worker. When the company has a certain positive culture, sooner or later the employee will be affected by the positivity.

In this case, there are at least five cultural values that will help motivate each of the employees. The first one is compassion which explains a compassionate leadership will eventually help someone feel motivated by the job. Along with that is the wellbeing that gives certain attention to the employees' physical and mental health. After that, the company also has to consider equality, inclusion, and diversity.

2. Career Progression

Everyone knows that they need improvement and a new set of careers at a certain point in time. In this case, the clear career progression that they can take is one of the motivational aspects needed by every staff. The company should consider shows and offer a great chance for their workers to achieve, which latter affects the employees' working value. At some point, this kind of offer might come along with the grievance or challenge.

But such situation can be resolved by articulating a progression plan, your employees can exert. In this case, your effort is being rewarded, and offered to get a better position will open your eyes. If you find your company does this kind of offer, take the chance to improve yourself and prove that you can do better. Worth noting that a career progression will lead you to a higher position in the company that also followed with higher income.

3. A Sense Of Meaning And Purpose

What motivates you at work that means a lot of every kind of career is a sense of purpose and meaning. When you work in a company that has a great purpose and meaning for each of the jobs they offer, it will bring great motivational value. Research by Harvard shown that more than 10 workers are willingly doing the job if the work is more meaningful, even though it pay less. The basic idea of this motivational value comes from the purpose.

The basics of purpose and the meaning of each job hold a crucial role to give employees a sense of their work are meaningful. As you know how important and meaningful the job you did, it will grow a certain satisfying feeling toward each individual. Creating a deeper reason why people get motivated. For example, a charity job pays you less than real work, but many people are motivated to do it since they know how meaningful the job is.

what motivates at work

4. Learning And Development Opportunities

A workplace that allows the employees to learn and develop is one of what motivates you at work. Just as the career path ideas, a company that shows employees the opportunity to gain more knowledge and develop it will most likely have a permanent worker. The employee will get a sense of belonging and affection toward their progression within their role. You can say that the company will have the task to give encouragement and support to you.

This is exactly one of what every employee looking for. Every employee must have something different and want to develop themselves, while the sense of understanding that needs should be in the employers' mind. This kind of mindset is part of the hospitality given by the employers. It is even proved by many research that shows how the opportunities give a lot of benefits, including upskilling the employee's ability and better job performance.

Granted that the open opportunity will help workers get rid of their boredom in the workplace. The idea of work getting stagnant and unchallenging is one of the reasons workers decide to resign. While What motivates you at work is opportunities, it also makes the job more fun. In case you are looking for a more entertaining and new working atmosphere, you can go to the co-working place by booking it through BOOQED.

5. Appreciation And Recognition

Praise is one of the motivational values known for a long time ago. When a kid gets praised for what they have done, highly possible they will feel more motivated and do a better performance. These kinds of ideas also work wonders for employees. The feeling of relief and pride will follow the praise given to each of the individuals. In a matter of fact, many studies said that there are various powerful effects that employee praise has.

The type of praise is varied, but the fact that the "Job well done" is given, that means your work is being appreciated and recognized. Along with the acceptance and gratitude words, many employees found that the method is highly encouraging them to work better. At some point, what motivates you at work is to get those praises from your employers which leads to better job performance.

what motivates you at work

Those are at least the bare minimum that every company should offer to their employees. Whether it is a big or a small corporation, the five factors are meant to motivate the workers to work better in the working field. The corporation should prioritize resonate with the motivation factors before the employee feels bad and decide to move away. As you find the five factors in your company, at least you will have the reason to keep working in the company.