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Working Overtime: Pros and Cons

May 13, 2020

Overtime work has become increasingly common for many employees. The idea of working beyond a 40-hour workweek that will add more income, still make people brace themselves for any bad outcome. But at some point, overtime work is inevitable, whether it is because of deadlines or as part of your job responsibilities.

How Does Overtime Affect Our Lives?


Of course, the first consideration why people tend to work more than what they should do is the idea of getting a bigger paycheck. This is a pro that cannot be denied. Especially, if the work and time commitment is supported by the law and mandatory overtime requirement. This kind of situation will make overtime jobs way more beneficial for those who did it. The employers will compensate the employees regarding the overtime duration.

Indeed, you can get a lot of money when you are doing the overtime job, but is it worth it? This kind of mindset should stay in your mind while considering spending more time on your work. In some cases, some salaried workers are exempt from compensation. This is something you should know beforehand. Along with it, consider the extra needs for your overtime works. It may come with extra outcomes for food or your health booster.

working overtime for health


Many people state that working overtime is better than working a second job. While it is true that you wouldn't need to get an extra job and probably get extra cash from it, but your body needs rest. However, some employee considering finishing the job right away even though need to stay late. They know it will give them more time to rest the next day.

That is true, you won't feel burdened with the pile of duties you haven't done yet. But, spending more time at work will put a big deal on your health condition. Lengthening your working hours is highly dangerous for your muscles and fatigue. Especially if you are doing a physical job. It potentially leads to injury or even worse, workplace accidents. Along with physical health, mental health also needs to be concerned.

Working overtime will demand more than you think. Some of the worldwide research states that this condition leads to stress, insomnia, alcohol addiction, and mental health concern. The seemingly easy additional work might come with high wages, but highly possible you will spend most of them for maintaining your body condition. That means you are working more for nothing.

Social and Family Life

Surprisingly, many workers state the same pros for the social condition. Most of them consider this activity will help employees to improve the relationship between coworkers. It is particularly true for some jobs that come with overlapping shifts with other workers. Along with the idea, overtime work is one of the ways to show participation to help coworkers and improve morale. The colleagues will feel more appreciated with your help.

On the other hand, this kind of overtime working time will negatively affect your social and family life condition. While you are working overtime at the office and spending more time in front of the computer, you will lose time to spend with your family. It comes with limited time to interact and socialize. Along with it, the more time you spend for work, the lesser your personal time is. Less socializing, less sleep, and less time to enjoy yourself.

working overtime in office

Work Performance

If you think doing overtime will always lead to great job performance, then you are wrong. While it is true that overtime will make you more productive, achieve the deadline, or help advance your career, but you also need to consider the minus. When the atmosphere of the job place is very competitive, doing overtime work will highly help you achieve more. You can impress the manager with more advanced work than other employees.

Stay longer for doing the overtime also help you become more productive. It doesn't always about quantity, but more on the location. You will be able to stay in the right environment for working overtime and do more job. On the other hand, working for a long time can lead to job dissatisfaction. It means you will spend most of the time, draining your energy, and losing your focus. The situation will greatly affect your working productivity and result.

This kind of situation is known as burn-out. When the idea of reaching the achievement stopped with the exhaustion, the job outcome might not be in the positive. As a matter of fact, those who did more overtime works tend to get tired of their jobs quicker than others. The employee will become less productive, have an unsatisfying work result, and eventually decide to take a break or worse, resign from the job.

What To Do When You Have To Work Overtime

So, what should you do when overtime is something you cannot deny? To avoid burnout, unpaid work, or losing your money due to the health condition, then you should be more selective. Be decisive if you must or mustn't work overtime. You must have an effective balance between your work and home life. Along with that, get some refreshments and take some breaks. When you need to do it, go to a co-working space via BOOQED for a better environment.

working overtime

All in all, everything that is excessive will lead to something negative. In this case, working for more than what you should do will eventually bring you down. In many cases, people often only think of career progression, money, or recognition. But beyond those, they forget about health and well-being. That is why work-life balance is needed to make your health and mind condition get better that helps your work performance top-notch.