Create and manage collaborative spaces.

With the dramatic rise in remote workers around the globe, many are now turning to hotels to spice up their "WFH" routine. But are you prepared to meet this substantial change in needs?

That's where QUBIC comes in.

QUBIC helps hospitality companies provide their guests with the optimal workspace and service, in a flexible and easy-to-scale fashion.

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A scalable solution for the new era of work.

QUBIC enables companies to transform and activate any underutilized area within a hotel into multi-functional amenity spaces. Guests can then book and use these spaces to meet or work.

Work pods with the latest access control technology and customizable branding options
Web app supporting real-time booking, pod management, and usage analytics

Explorium x QUBIC

Booqed partnered with Explorium Hong Kong, an innovative hub by the Fung Group, in January 2021 to deploy the QUBIC solution, providing Explorium with an innovative way to create more spaces for collaboration and work, without the expensive fit-out.

Creatively maximize open spaces.

Make the most of your hotel space with flexible workspace pods that can accommodate from 1-4 pax.

Manage existing spaces all in one place.

Oversee and garner real-time data on your space with our proprietary room management software.


Make the most out of your space.

Rapid Implementation
Transform your space in
just 21 days, from sign up to set up.
Maximum Scalability
Scale our modular solution up or down as you need, when you need.
Real-time data
Track the efficacy of the pods with real-time user data.
Total transparency
and control
Via our proprietary software and admin dashboard.
Reduced CapEx
Lower operating costs by up to 45% compared to a traditional fit out.

Adapt to the new way of working.

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