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Who is this referral program for?

Accelerators and VCs

Empower your cohorts and portfolio companies to reduce long-term costs and acquire the flexibility to grow.

BOOQED helps startups work in the right environment for their growth stage, so they can keep building and innovating with a valuable network.

Business Associations

Support your members with easy access to workspaces as they enter new markets and expand their operations.

With BOOQED, your members can move forward with their plans while minimizing risk. They also gain access to a regional network of offices and meeting rooms.

Consultancies and Agencies

Go above and beyond your clients' needs with the help of BOOQED.

Our offerings can help them add agility to their business and reduce financial risk. The BOOQED team will advise them every step of the way too.

General Referrals

Is someone in your network looking for a new office? Feel free to refer them to us.

BOOQED is always open to initiatives to help companies of all sizes succeed and focus on what they do best.


BOOQED is one of Asia’s leading property tech platforms for commercial space, including offices and meeting rooms.  Our partners include WeWork, JustCo, IWG (Regus, Spaces), The Executive Centre, Atlas and many more.

Launched in 2016, BOOQED operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shenzhen, with access to multiple markets across Asia.

Why partner with BOOQED

Expert Service
One-stop service and a team with international workspace expertise to guide you every step of the way.
A wide network of coworking & serviced office brands that helps companies build agile operations across the region.
Trusted Partner
Access to vetted space providers that you can trust to support your business, and work with you with full transparency.

How it works

Commission Offer

For every eligible private office referral, we will pay you up to 100% of BOOQED’s commission depending on the length of the signed contract:

  • 7 - 12 months lease: 100% of BOOQED's first month commission
  • 3 - 6 months lease : 50% of BOOQED's first month commission

Referred company must complete the minimum period stay of 3 months before commissions are paid:

Referral must be for a 3-workstation office or larger, with a minimum lease term of 3 months

Referral Instructions

  1. Register as a BOOQED partner here.
  2. A BOOQED representative will provide you with a link so you can make your referral.
  3. Once your referral has been entered into our system, we'll contact you to confirm that we’ve received your referral. We'll work closely with your referral to help find the office space they love.
  4. Your BOOQED account manager will let you know when the referred company has moved into their office. The commission amount will be direct deposited into your bank account after the referred company has completed a stay of 3 months.

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