Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a bookable meeting booth?

Conveniently browse and reserve spaces via the booking website.

Can anyone reserve a meeting booth?

Meeting booths can only be accessed by WeWork members and their guests. While others will be able to reserve a meeting booth on BOOQED’s booking website, they will not be able to enter the WeWork space to access the booth. So please be sure to verify your membership status prior to booking.

Can guests book a bookable meeting booth?

Yes, however guests must comply with WeWork's existing guest policy, which can be found here.

Are meeting booths available at all hours?

Meeting booths can be booked during the building’s regular hours. These hours will be reflected in available booking times on the booking site and can be located in the WeWork app or by reaching out to the building Community team.

How much does a bookable meeting booth cost?

Bookable meeting booths are £15 per 30 minutes for a 2-seater and £20 per 30 minutes for a 4-seater.

*Exclusive of VAT

Can I use my WeWork credits to book a meeting booth?

At this time, no. Bookable meetings booths can not be booked with WeWork credits, but it is something we are looking into for the future.

How do I unlock the booth?

Scan the QR code from your confirmation email on the pin pad located next to the booth door.

I am at a WeWork right now and have questions about the booth or my reservation. Who can I contact for assistance?

If you are looking for your meeting booth, please see the wayfinding map on each building booking page. For any further questions about your reservation or the QUBIC booth, please contact BOOQED directly at

Am I able to leave my booth temporarily during my reservation?

Yes, you can leave the booth at any time during your reservation. In order to re-enter, you will need to scan the QR code which you used upon entry. To re-enter without using a mobile device, print your QR code in advance.

What does the A/V system do?

The A/V system in the QUBIC booth allows you to: Use the monitor as the external screen for your device. Use the Webcam + Soundbar (Polycom P15) as your video conferencing webcam, microphone and speakers.

How do I connect my laptop to the A/V system?

There is a USB-C cable for connectivity.Newer Windows and MAC machines come pre-equipped with drivers for these devices and may not require any new drivers to be installed.

Is the A/V system compatible with videoconferencing platforms?

The devices are Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified. You may have to change your video conferencing settings to connect with the webcam, microphone and speaker.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Please click on the “Cancel’ button in your booking confirmation email. Cancellations made less than one hour before booking time will not be refunded.

Can I bring outside food or drinks into a QUBIC meeting booth?

Yes, but please clean up after use and be considerate for the next user.

Can I bring my pet into a meeting booth?

Meeting booths follow the same rules as the WeWork in which they're located. Please check with the building Community Team to get details on your building’s pet policy.

What are the Terms of Use ?

Please see BOOQED's "Terms of Use".

What is a bookable meeting booth?

Bookable meeting booths are tech-enabled workspaces perfect for both collaboration and heads down work. They can be booked online on the booking website.

How often is the booth cleaned?

The booth is cleaned as often and according to the same protocols we have for conference rooms and phone booths.