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March 30, 2023

10 Creative Desk Designs for Every Type of Worker

Ah, desks. The piece of furniture that can sum up your personality. Messy desks? You’re either very smart or just a hoarder. Clean and tidy desks? You’re disciplined and reliable. Heavily personalized desks? You’re creative and extroverted, and but some call it “crazy”. Whatever it is, desks (and also your lack of one) can say a lot about your working style, habits, and character.

Desks are meant to suit you. Instead of opting for the usual, horizontal and rectangular desk, spice up your office with desks that reflects who you are. If you’re going to spend a third of your life working, at least make your work desk fun and accommodating to your needs.

Clock – For Compact Livers

If you prioritize efficiency, so much so that you eat your lunch by the desk, then this is the desk for you. It responds to your eating and working habits with recycling technology. All electrical energy that’s used in the desk is taken primarily from food waste you dump in its conversion pod. The designer intended to create something that blends seamlessly into our workdays, without disrupting work productivity. You can now sustainably power your desk with your leftovers and help the earth by creating your renewable energy.

The "Clock" application you can download on your phone shows your energy production information and statistics. The table can also fold back in its slim original form and tucked away without taking up much space. This furniture has defined heating and cooling areas as well, where you can control and heat/cool up your computer or food however you like.

Source: Yeg Design Studio

Ascend – For Cat Lovers

There’s no shame in being a cat lady (or its male equivalent) because there’s a desk dedicated to your love for your furry friends. We all know that cats are unpredictable, they’ll find innovative ways to disrupt your work. Inspired by cats' wonderfully creative methods of disruption, "Ascend" is crafted to suit a cat’s chaotic habits. The desk is designed with multiple wooden ramps and a little area for them to rest at. The designer Dan Devine commented on his genius design:

“Each ramp is set at a gentle 30° incline, so it’s accessible to cats of any age. On top there’s plenty of space to stretch out or curl up including a storage tray area with openings to hold charging cables in place.

How great is it to have a cat as your coworker from home?

Source: Yanko Design

Grafeiphobia’s Unexpected Office – For Lazy Folks

This is indeed quite unexpected as a "desk". “Grafeiphobia” means fear of desks, so technically, this is not a “desk” when the furniture’s purpose is to strictly avoid it.

The “desk” is made up of a three-piece cushion, where pieces can be mixed and matched differently for new work experience. It has ergonomic benefits as the user would be in NASA’s Neutral Body Position, developed for astronauts’ health in zero-gravity environments. You can rest your body comfortably on the furniture while working on its “desk”. The designer claims it’s healthier than being in a seated position since your weight will be evenly distributed across the body instead of forcing the weight down your back.

Designer George Pascal noted his negative desk experience that prompted this creation,

“When I am working behind a desk sitting on chair, I always have the feeling of being forced to work, that I have to get it done. I feel stress and pressure, which doesn’t make me more productive, it is rather the opposite.”

Source: Yanko Design

OLLLY – For Neat Freaks

This desk promotes cleanliness, organization, and minimalism. Pavel Vetrov designed this desk for people who like zero clutter and being organized, with convenient trays users can easily access underneath the desk. Its sleek surface and design already look very tidy, not to mention the built-in phone and tablet stand on the desk where you can neatly position your electronics. There’s even a special cut-out area dedicated to typically messy wires and cables. The little divots behind the tablet area can be used to place your pens and pencils too, for quick notetaking.

OLLLY won the Red Dot Award for its multi-functional quality, making even the messiest worker maintain a clean workspace.

Source: Design Milk

Duplex Workspace Desk – For Introverts

Even if you’re working from home, sometimes you just want some extra privacy from family or roommates. To work in peace without suffocating under your blanket, Sophie Kirkpatrick’s desk design can assist you with solo work. When the time comes, simply pull up the wooden cover like a headliner and shut out the world for a few hours. The desk is effectively curved to suit your arms and body position when writing and typing. Below the desk are compartments where you can place your books and belongings.

Don’t be fooled by the cover, the desk itself is quite compacted and can probably fit in a room corner. The furniture is made of wood as well, and its natural material makes the covering less confining and heated underneath, compared to if it was made from insulating materials like plastic or metal.

Source: Great Idea Hub

Cloud – For Busy Bees

Not exactly for "busy bees", but if you are one and is inspired by your nickname, this desk is a creative way to embrace your workaholic trait. Composed of numerous hexagonal elements, the desk doubles up as a decorative piece too. The hexagonal pieces can be altered and changed up depending on when you want a small desk for yourself or a large coworking table for you and your co-workers. The desk is multifunctional as well, in that the desks open as compartments where you can hide your secret office supplies.

The cute and aesthetically pleasing honeycomb design is a fun element to jazz up your stern-looking office. It can be downsized to a children’s desk for toy-storing as well, thus a great table and desk for families. Bring out the child in you with this desk!

Source: Archello

Ci Mobile Desk – For On-The-Goers

As if working from home is not convenient enough, take a look at this “home office on wheels”. This mobile workstation is a small cart mounted on wheels, where shelves and drawers can be whipped out for instant storage. The main deck is the cart cover and it extends out to fit your laptop perfectly. The Vienna-based designers even thoughtfully included a mouse pad area, talk about being user-friendly!

This desk took the definition “work from anywhere” and elevated it. You can now work from literally anywhere if you take this mobile desk with you. Speaking of working from anywhere, you can book café tables and meeting rooms on the BOOQED app for work that can’t be completed on this “ci desk”. With our help and the help of this desk, you and your work wouldn’t be limited by location anymore.

Source: Design Boom

Chaise Renversee  – For Nappers

This heck of a desk can transform into a long chair for a power nap when those lethargic noon hours take over your productivity. When you live in expensive cities like New York and Hong Kong, this desk is great at optimizing limited space when it doubles up as a resting place. Inspired by the flexible working habits and schedules of many, this desk is “for those who do not wish to have a desk”, as explained by the French designer, Pierre-Louis Gerlier.

It takes no skill to transform the desk; simply tilt your desk 90 degrees and lie comfortably on its yellow lounge seat. When you’re resting on your bed, it’s easy to doze off and break your promise of only napping for 20 minutes. This desk allows you to rest and take your breaks slouched down, but without the risk of being swallowed by the comfiness of your bed.

Source: Yanko Design

Desktoop – For Gardeners  

Finally, a desk design for eco-enthusiasts. If gardening is your side hustle, you can ingrain it to be part of your main hustle. Plant, grow and monitor your plants easily on your desk. The desk is equipped with artificial light and perfectly temperature compartments for plant growing. Imagine growing your organic crops for consumption during dinner after a hard day of work. How cool would it be to pluck fresh cherry tomatoes from your desk as an afternoon snack?

Since the awareness in organic eating and sustainability has been widely increasing the last years, this desk is perfect to ease you into the movement. “Desktoop” is a place where work and growth come together in one. There are areas to store your typical office supplies as well, with just an extra boost of oxygen from the photosynthesis happening around you.

Source: Studio Sybrandy

Pill – For Minimalist Artists

The circular desk designed by Emko looks like modern art when closed, and it can be hung like a painting on walls. It takes up the least space as well compared to the other desks mentioned. Depending on what you qualify as a “desk”, this wall-mounted working area challenges the many notions of desk-design, though it does provide a suitably sized desk area for work. The wall desk is designed like a medical pill, perhaps to say that working is like taking meds, which can be interpreted both positively (as therapeutic) and negatively (as sickening).

The top part opens as a table, while the bottom cabinets are for item storage. Belongings can be stored behind the desk panel as well. It comes in six colours, truly for artists who will want this desk as a decorative piece. The “Pill” comes with sockets where you can integrate LED lights, so no worries on figuring out the lighting system.

Source: Yanko Designs

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