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It's Time to Upgrade to a Smart Office

Eliminate manual logging of workplace and meeting room use. Lower your admin costs with digital processes.

Upgrade your office effortlessly with the most affordable solution on the market.

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smart office technology

Manage Meeting Rooms and Workstations the Easy Way

Leverage our enterprise-grade space management system for free, built by a team that's created products used by hundreds of workplaces.

Book Empty Rooms and Workspaces

Your colleagues can use a web app to book spaces without needing more assistance.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Find out usage data for your listings so you can make the best decisions about your office and your meeting rooms.

Reduce Conflicts in Room Availability

Remove bookings of no-shows to free up meeting room availability on the calendar, and fix problems like overstaying or overbooking.

Your Work and Meeting Spaces in One Place

Store and edit info about your workplace on your admin portal and create bookable "zones" for internal use.
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How It Works

Add Meeting Rooms

You can include information like pictures, names, capacity, and amenities. Rooms get their own QR code that allows the room to be booked.

Create Schedules

Set the time and date availability for each room and change them as you see fit.

Open Web App

By scanning a QR code or using a link just for your company, your colleagues can start booking rooms and other desks as they need them.

Manage Bookings

See all booking info on your admin dashboard. You can modify or cancel bookings as needed.


We're offering our base space management software free of charge. We can work with you for custom additions as well.


Free Forever!
Unlimited desks and meeting rooms
Web app for booking
Admin dashboard with detailed analytics
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Custom Pricing
Unlimited desks and meeting rooms
Web app for booking
Admin dashboard with detailed analytics
Smart access control for rooms
Grey label solution
Payment processing for bookings
Custom integrations
Works with QUBIC Booths
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