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March 30, 2023

5 Modern Office Interior Designs to Create the Right Atmosphere

Interior design can have a significant influence on everyone's mood, and that's even more important in the workplace. Great interior design attracts the best employees, makes your office space memorable to visitors, and amplifies productivity. So, here are some popular office designs you should consider. They can make work more enjoyable for yourself and everyone in the company, and bring in better business outcomes too.

Office Design Ideas for Your Business

1. Bring in the Outdoors with Nature-inspired Design

office design interior nature

Sitting for long periods can have negative effects on well-being. This can be fixed with ergonomic furnishings for the workplace. You can incorporate adjustable desks, hot desks, and sit/stand risers.  This allows employees to switch between sitting and standing, and also choose their desk location for the day.

To add even more options to keep the energy up in the room, you can try some exercise ball chairs. They can help with keeping both the mind and body active throughout the day.

2. Go Modern with Industrial Office Design

Industrial design is a common sight whether in the workplace or other commercial establishments. The concept combines simple interiors, sharp angles, and a focus on space. It's a popular aesthetic style because it combines aspects of modernism with rustic or worn-in textures. The central element of this design also easy to achieve. And because it focuses on being minimal with furnishings, you can achieve it with a minimal budget too.

You can adapt this concept with a high ceiling, large windows, wood panels, exposed ceiling pipes, beams, concrete floors, and overhanging lamps.

For the furniture itself, you can go for some modern swivel chairs with wheels, metal or aluminum tables, plus, shelving and drawers in accent colors and textures.

3. Feel Like You're at Home, or Better, with Home-like Design

This interior concept is exactly like the name implies.  This office design brings the home to work.  This has been the favored interior design concept over the years, as the stiff and serious office culture isn't particularly great for attracting and keeping employees. With all the hours we all spend at work, why not make the office more relaxing and stress-free?  That is why furniture for leisure and relaxation is very common in this particular design.

Cozy sofas, coffee tables, well-stocked fridges, and entertainment systems are what you'll find with this concept. So are gentle, warm, and homey tones with the furnishings, decor, and lighting.

4. Work Where You Want with Activity-Based Working

work office design interior

The open-plan office has been trending for more than a decade. This design concept maximizes collaboration and group productivity. Without the need for dedicated cubicles, people are free to find the seating location that best suits their needs for the day, whether they need to do a lot of meetings or concentrate on solo work. You can sit by the window, or in seclusion in a corner, or a shared desk with teammates.

Sections of the open-plan office are created based on their purpose. There are quiet focus areas, various types of meeting areas depending on the size of the meeting, café areas, and more. Coworking spaces are the best example of open-plan offices done well, and you can find these on the BOOQED app if you want to see what they're like.  

5. Glass Walls and Doors

Using a lot of glass in interior design helps with improving the presence of natural light in the space. At the same time, with some thoughtful planning, it can add a stylish and interesting vibe to the office. You can add touches of nature and make the space similar to a greenhouse, or provide amazing views with floor to ceiling windows. Sectioning off parts of the office with glass, or adding glass to doors, also adds some visibility while still providing some privacy and noise-cancellation, without going for the full open-plan style mentioned above.

These are some design styles you can look into while thinking of the right design for your office. Choose the one that best suits the visual identity and culture of your company, and also helps everyone work better. If you want to try them out for a few days to see what you like best, you can find these coworking spaces with these designs on the BOOQED app. Available in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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