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March 30, 2023

5 Reasons to Use the BOOQED App to Get a Hot Desk

Behind every app is a great idea, and our great idea is to help you get coworking spaces quickly and easily. There are plenty of reasons for you to use the BOOQED app to book coworking spaces if you're in Hong Kong and Singapore, so we’ve boiled it down to five:

(October 2020 Update: We're making selected listings free all across Hong Kong throughout the month of October. That's another reason to check out the app today! Download here: link)

Private yet Public

Public coffee shops are often loud and distracting for work. Great for coffee meetings, but not suitable for when you’re looking to concentrate. Wi-fi often comes with the drink, and even if you have snagged a place, the tables tend to be small and secluded. Or you get stuck at a communal one where everyone else around you is doing everything but working.

There is no guarantee you’ll be able to find a table either, so you would've essentially paid for just the drink, but not the workspace. And then you'll have to do the whole thing again somewhere else.

You can't really get much work done this way. Hot desks, fortunately, are in a public, shared space, but still in an environment made for working. Wi-fi is fast and secure and drinks are usually provided for free. You'll also know in advance if there's available space. Plus you'll also be able to pop into a phonebooth or get additional meeting room access if you need a private room for a call.

As we’re weighing the perks here, booking a hot desk seems to have the winning edge.

Ah, the Amenities

The wide range of amenities is enough to attract people to work at coworking spaces. Coworking spaces usually have amazingly designed interiors, a wholesome community, and exclusive facilities such as libraries and rooftop gardens. You will no longer be working to live, but living to work.

Coworking spaces make working enjoyable and immersive, which is great for generating great ideas. Working alongside so many dedicated people is inspiring enough. Add the coworking amenities and your work will be unstoppable.

If you’re located in Hong Kong, you’re lucky! We have a list of the best coworking spaces, all with their own unique perks.

App over Call + Email + Whatsapp

Now that we’ve established the benefits of using coworking spaces, there is a reason why using an app is better. Imagine having to call various coworking spaces to check for availability. Or worse, going there in person to find that there are no spaces left.

With the app, a click of a button is all you need to secure an available space where you know exactly what you're getting. Hence, it saves a lot of time and is way more user-friendly than having to contact various coworking front desks using every kind of communication channel out there.

Search, Book, and Pay - In One Place

The BOOQED app is user-friendly in three ways: you can search your space, book it, and pay for it without ever pressing the home button. Your workspace solution exists on this one app, where you can view all the amenities and information of your chosen coworking space, plus how to get there.

The searching process is simple: you select the type of workspace you’re looking for, plus amenities you'll need, and it’ll filter automatically on the app. Once you’ve chosen your workspace, the booking will be confirmed when you’ve selected time and paid.

Instant Access + Update

Researching and shortlisting workspaces is a hassle. You have to look at a ton of websites for reference, note down contact info, prices, and addresses, check a map... the list goes on.

The app allows you to have instant access to the right workspace to get work done on-the-go, so you can book rooms, hot desks, café tables anytime and anywhere (as long as you have your phone). When you have booked a space, you can receive updates and all the information you need about your booking as well.

Plus, BOOQED keeps listings updated regularly with constant improvements to the app to give you the best workspace booking experience.

Et voila, the reasons to use the BOOQED app to get a hot desk! The app also has meeting rooms, private office space, and cafe tables for casual meetings! Try it out in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Download our app now, available on Android and iOS!

P.S. Check the app for free hot desk offers across Hong Kong throughout the month of October and work for the day at Hong Kong's most recognized coworking spaces.

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