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qubic work pod
March 30, 2023

5 reasons QUBIC is the BEST work pod out there!

The simple fact is, space costs money.


Now we’re moving towards a business model that gears towards virtual or remote workers, it’s important to design a workplace that suits these new ways of working and optimizes space utilization. In recent years, many residential and commercial space operators looking to monetize their space have opted to install smart workspace solutions like work pods.


Known by many names – office capsules, phone booths, acoustic pods, the list goes on – a work pod is a standalone structure created as a mini soundproof workspace where there previously was empty space. Nowadays, most work pods come in different sizes complete with a built-in desk, chair and electric outlets.


There are currently a few work pod providers on the market already, each with their own unique features and attractions. But if you’re investing the time and money into a new piece of equipment, then you probably want to know that it’s the best one out there, or at least the right option for you.


So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons why, in our totally unbiased opinion, we think QUBIC is THE greatest thing since sliced bread. And here’s why:


Work pod comparison




These days, people want convenience. When we make the effort to travel to a space just to find out it’s already in use, then we’re most likely going to feel a little annoyed, a little disappointed and may reconsider using it at all in the future. That’s why we created an easy booking system through our web app so users can reserve the work pod for a date and time that works best for them.


Work pod smart access control technology

Built-in smart access control


Consider the alternative without a smart access system: for property managers, you’d need to hire an employee specifically to ensure users have booked and paid for using the work pod.


On the other hand, a smart access system simplifies the whole process so property managers can conveniently manage the pods and are better positioned to handle higher demand. Plus, it certainly helps to provide a more seamless experience for users too!

User analytics


Usage analytics


Another benefit of having the smart access control system is having a real-time log of users entering the work pod via BOOQED’s proprietary software and admin dashboard, providing you with total transparency and control of pod efficacy without any additional fit-outs.


As with any other industry, those in the property sector should leverage data to understand space utilization and user behaviour. These insights are crucial for property managers to improve the user experience and create spaces that are more likely to be utilized.

Source: Signify


High cleaning standards


Given the current circumstances, it is understandable that everyone’s a bit sensitive when it comes to using public spaces, especially if they’re going to be sat in a closed-off pod for long periods of time. That’s why our QUBIC work pods include UV light sanitization to regularly disinfect the space in-between uses.


What’s more, the pod also comes with built-in ventilation and air conditioning to keep air flow moving and keeps the space at a comfortable temperature, especially for those of us in Asia where the summer months can get pretty darn hot!

Work pod


Personalized branding


Every facility, and consequently its interior design, will widely vary from place to place. So why should your work pod be any different? In addition to having a stock-standard for the minimalists out there, we offer the option for the QUBIC pod to be customized with a specific colour scheme and features to create a distinct, eye-catching piece that is representative of your company’s brand to fit in with your space.


Interested in trying the QUBIC pod ? Reach out to us at


Here’s what will happen:

  1. We’ll schedule a consultation with you and your team to get a better understanding of your needs and provide you with a custom quote.
  2. We’ll give you a demo of the product so you’re fully aware of the amazing features the QUBIC work pod has to offer.
  3. Our team will work with you to create a pilot pod specific to your requirements.
  4. Once you’re happy with the pilot, QUBIC can then be officially rolled out throughout your spaces!

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