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March 30, 2023

6 Situations Where You Should Use BOOQED

Even though the concept of co-working has been around for over a decade now, many people still aren’t sure about what it is and whether a flexible workspace is right for them or their business. We’re here to set things straight – whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner or a company employee, the answer is: yes it is!


A flexible office space has a lot of advantages that makes it an ideal workspace solution for most businesses, and BOOQED works with hundreds of them to offer individuals and businesses a one-stop workspace solution for those looking to move beyond the traditional office model.


In this article, we’ll show you why you need BOOQED to elevate your office model by sharing the most common scenarios in which you would find huge value in using the BOOQED app!

1.    If you’re bored of WFH

Work from home
Source: ET Net

This one’s for all the freelancers out there! Although the idea of escaping the office and working remotely forever sounds amazing, most people don’t realize that the work-from-home set up is not for everyone, especially if you’ve been cooped up at home alone for long periods of time.

If you’re frequently getting distracted by the thought of bed five steps away or going stir-crazy by the thought of having to sit at the same desk day in and day out, the BOOQED app can help show a range of great co-working spaces near you that can be booked fort he hour, day or month. You’ll still get all the flexibility of remote working and the perks of being in an office.

Now here’s a commitment-free option to shake up your daily routine!

2.    If you’ve got a limited budget

workplace budget
Source: WorkflowMax

Rent takes up a big part of any company’s budget, which can be a big headache if you’re trying to cut down on costs. This is where BOOQED comes in.

The app shows a range of co-working space and meeting room options so you can compare pricings and amenities to decide on the best workspace solution for you and your team. This is especially useful if you need a quiet meeting space for the occasional client meeting in a different part of town or if you’re a member of the remote workforce and don’t require an office space full-time.

The best part of using an app like BOOQED is that you only need to pay for the time you’re using the space. Plus, you don’t need to worry about handling pesky office expenses like management fees, insurance, furniture, equipment and more.

If you need some inspiration, you can check out our articles on the most affordable co-working spaces in Hong Kong and Singapore. Most of them are available on the BOOQED app too!

3.    If your company has a remote workforce across several locations

Work from home
Source: Security Today

It’s great to see that the modern business world is shifting to a more flexible work model that empowers employees and promotes the importance of productivity over hours worked. So, if your company has teams spread across several countries, booking co-working spaces through BOOQED is a great fit as it gives your teams more flexibility in terms of whether they’d want a hot desk in an open space, a dedicated seat or a private office.

BOOQED also offers a team’s credits program specifically for businesses so it’s as easy as paying for credits in one go so your employees can book a space whenever they need.

The app is available in Hong Kong, Singapore and China right now but we’re looking to expand further throughout Asia so stay tuned!

4.    If you’re a frequent business traveller

business travel
Source: Sabre

Let’s explain this one with an example. Your company office is in Hong Kong but you fly to Singapore a few times a year to meet with clients or attend conferences. There’s the odd occasion you can use the meeting room at your client’s office but there will come a time when you’ll need to bunker down in a noisy café to get some work done or hold a meeting.

BOOQED can help you avoid the stress of trying to find a suitable work or meeting space in a new city by linking you to a range of co-working spaces or meeting rooms – all of them fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, printers, fast WIFI, the works!

5.    If you’re a fast-growing startup

Source: The Honeycombers

In today’s competitive market, flexibility is a necessity, not an option. This is even more so for new cash-poor startups who have to deal with a lot of changes in a short period of time. Being tied in to a long-term office lease that might be too small in six months time when your team has expanded isn’t ideal.

On the other hand, a co-working space can offer flexible office space options so you have the option to increase the number of desks you rent as you grow your company.

6.     If your company needs a temporary solution between office moves

moving office
Source: Talk Business

Moving offices is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about maintaining business productivity or service quality. BOOQED has got your back! With a few clicks, you can book a suitable coworking space for your team for as long as you need wherever you need it, without getting locked in to a long-term contract.

Let us help you lessen your stress!

The perfect workspace solution. Anytime, anywhere.

If any of these situations apply to you, or if you’re just curious to give co-working a go, try downloading the BOOQED app (available on both Android and iOS) – we list a wide selection of hot desks, serviced office spaces and meeting rooms that can suit different workers and businesses.

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