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March 30, 2023

8 not-so-essential work from home items (but we want them anyway!)

If you haven’t read it already, this is an add-on to our article titled “11 Work from Home Essentials”. Because let’s face it, when it comes to putting your home office together, having those practical items like a desk or an ergonomic chair is a necessity for work, but these fun, occasionally quirky extras are what really makes working from home much more enjoyable!


From desk partitions to laptop cleaners, these home office items will add a delightful touch to any workspace. They might even help you be more productive too!


Source: Steelcase

Isolating desk partitions


Some people don’t have the luxury of a dedicated home office, which means working from the living room or kitchen table. While this is totally fine if you live alone, it can get pretty distracting when your roommate or family member is constantly walking around. This is where a desk partition can save the day. It can be set up in seconds and some even offer sound absorption properties so you can stay focused even with other people around.


Home office slippers
Source: Pexels

Comfy socks or slippers


What’s one of the best parts about working from home? Being able to wear whatever makes you comfortable! Having a pair of warm, fluffy slippers under your desk helps keep your feet warm and is perfect for that commute from your work desk to the fridge. Extra points if you find a pair in a fun print!


Home office
Source: Pinterest

Door sign


Having worked from home for the best part of a year, we all know that living with other people means that interruptions are a regular occurrence. If you’re looking to create some boundaries, especially for that important Zoom meeting with your boss, putting up a do-not-disturb sign on the door helps to inform family members or roommates to stay away. You can even get one which can be illuminated and turned on and off with a remote control! We can’t promise it’ll be 100% effective but it can’t hurt right?


Webcam home office
Source: Forbes

High-quality webcam


Nowadays, most laptops will have a built-in webcam ready to use but they’re not always super high resolution. Most people having the occasional Zoom call once a week would probably be fine with that, but if you’re wanting to look more professional and not have to worry about a pixelated picture, consider investing in an external webcam to enjoy having the sharpest video around!


Mug warmer home office
Source: SPY

Mug warmer


Nobody should have to deal with a lukewarm cup of coffee or tea when you’re trying to meet deadlines. Thankfully, modern technology has got our backs! Having a mug warmer like the one in the image above is great for keeping your drink steaming hot even after getting caught up in drafting that monthly report.


Laptop cleaner
Source: Chicago Tribune

Laptop cleaner


Is anyone else guilty of snacking at work? Well, this item’s for you! There are a few different options out there but a normal laptop cleaners will have a tiny retractable broom to sweep out those pesky crumbs from the cracks of your keyboard. And for days when your screen is looking*extra* smudged, having a soft microfiber cloth on hand works wonders! No more wondering if that dot on your colleague’s face during a video call is a new beauty spot or a bit of dust on your screen…


Home office art
Source: le d'ARTe



You might think that there’s no point in decorating your home office – it costs money and you’re only spending time in the office to stare at your laptop anyways, so what’s the point? But what most people don’t realise is that having some art to brighten up your workspace can actually have a subtle effect on reducing stress and improving productivity! Try not to go too crazy with the decorations, but next time you see a colourful painting or a cute statue you think would look amazing on your desk, you can (kind of) count it as office equipment. We won’t judge.


Fitness tracker
Source: Wearable

Fitness tracker


Working from home makes it easy to slack off when it came to our fitness routine. Once you fall off the exercise wagon, it can be a challenge to get back on, and could result in your daily exercise routine consisting of the home office-bathroom-kitchen commute. That’s why a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, Apple Watch or the array of fitness apps on your phone are perfect! With so many home workouts and exercise class videos available, getting a sweat on while working from home has never been so simple.

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