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March 30, 2023

A Day in Causeway Bay: THE Retail Street of Asia

For some, Causeway Bay is like their second home, for others, it’s just another touristy area to avoid. Whether you’re the former or the latter, there is no denying on the reason for its fame as one of the founding fathers of Hong Kong’s business success. Dubbed as the Shinjuku of Hong Kong, Causeway Bay is like the younger, cooler brother of Central and Admiralty, where work and play fuse together. Dominated by professionals and trendsetters of all ages, Causeway Bay is a melting pot of different cultures, people, and places.

From poised businesses to leisurely fun, locals and visitors alike appreciate the array of services provided in this blooming centre of activities. With all the captivating attractions, yet remains reputable as part of the core business district, Causeway Bay is truly the belle (or bay) of the Hong Kong ball. Hopefully, the reasons given below for its greatness is enough to convince your curiosity to visit, or simply reinforce its superiority over the other neighbourhoods.

Central Business Hub

You may think of Central when the phrase “central business district” pops up, but in the recent decade, Causeway Bay has been speed-climbing the business ladder due to Central being dominated by multinationals and big-named companies. As an alternative business location, places like Wan Chai and Causeway Bay are filled with smaller, medium-sized, and/or newer companies that are looking to venture out into the main areas. Because of that, Causeway Bay has also become one of the core business districts, though masked by its retail popularity.

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The businesses there often come in the form of services: business consultant firms, hairdressers, hotels, luxury retail brands and more. As mentioned, Causeway Bay is the “cooler” version of Central, and we can see that in the few headquarters located there: Spotify, Google, L'Occitane and NBA Asia. No wonder Causeway Bay is the up-and-coming business hub of Hong Kong, attracting the young minds of the workforce.

Shopping Sprees for Days

Let’s explore the “play” aspect of Causeway Bay. It is the place that is in every tourism handbook for the best retail stores. Not only is the place trendy, but it is also filled with gourmet and luxurious items. Another reason for its underrated business success is the abundance of high-end retail stores forcing businesses to be tucked away in nooks of the town. There are about eight different shopping malls, all closely packed in one area where people can go mall-hopping. Everything can be easily found, and it’s easily the chosen gathering place for fashionistas as well.

Malls include WTC, Fashion Walk, Island Beverly, SOGO, Hysan Place, Lee Garden One-Six, Lee Theatre and Leighton, and Times Square. Interesting enough, many of the malls mentioned are shopping mall and office building hybrids, examples include Times Square and Hysan Place. It is not an exaggeration to say that Causeway Bay fuses work and play, because they fuse it into one building!

Offices at the top, mall at the bottom. (Sources: Office Finder and Wikipedia)

Shops are located alongside the streets as well for a complete surrounding of consumer goods. Causeway Bay is the home to almost everything you can imagine purchasing, including worldwide delicacies.

Wine and Dine

It’s not Hong Kong without good food and drink. Causeway Bay houses hundreds of eateries that gives foodies an endless spiral of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With restaurants for every cuisine you can name, it can satisfy people’s cravings for the taste and the culture. For a taste of Hong Kong, the local food stands on Russell Street, for example, showcases iconic street foods. Or visit Wing Kee Noodles, for traditional dishes and flavours. Food courts in large shopping malls such as Times Square and Hysan Place are immensely popular too, where business people often crowd there during lunch hours for a quick bite.

Eateries of different tastes can be easily found in Causeway Bay. (Sources: Campfire, Expat Living, Daniel's Food Diary and Laugh Travel Eat)

But enough about the “dine”, the focus should be on the “wine”. The cocktail bars and pubs make the buzzing nightlife of Causeway Bay. These hangouts are great for a night with friends, or for an after-work chill. The rooftop and underground bars will surely impress any clients of any industry, hence, many are strategically located near busy business areas for better networking.

“Wine” is not limited to only alcohol, because the coffees served at Causeway Bay’s artisanal coffee shops are just as precious as wine. Since the area is filled with bustling businesses, cafes are essential to Causeway Bay for those business meetings, casual coffee chats and drop-in work. Places such as The Coffee Academics exudes an urban grunge vibe, where customers can enjoy a change of scenery for work or relaxation.

(Sources: Hong Kong Tatler and The Coffee Academics)

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Old Meets New, and East Meets West

Another thing that makes Causeway Bay a popular spot is its mix of old and new, as well as east and west. Ding ding trams, Victoria Park, Jardine’s Crescent Market, Tin Hau Temple, old residential buildings... the area is filled with traditional Hong Kong aspects that can introduce visitors to the rich culture. The western aspect and modern malls add points for attractiveness, hence a perfect mix of both that makes Causeway Bay so packed every day of the week.

Both double-decker vehicles can be found in Causeway Bay. (Sources: Hong Kong Cheapo and Showbus)

For travelling businessmen, Causeway Bay is the perfect place for work, where everything needed is located near you. Without being lost in upstate Hong Kong, foreigners can comfortably enjoy the best of both worlds.

All for One, and One for All

If you’re a fan of the three musketeers, wouldn’t you like to visit a place that embodies that phrase? Causeway Bay provides many for all while being a business hub where everyone works to forward the Bay’s success. This easily accessible area is the place to work if you like to work hard and play hard. If you’re looking to work here for your business trip to Hong Kong, or if you’re a local and wish to work here too, we’ve got you covered. Two words: coworking spaces.

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