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Prince Edward Hong Kong
March 30, 2023

A Day in Prince Edward: explore this melting pot of old and new Hong Kong

Guest Post: Weave Living

Prince Edward, where you can get a taste of authentic local culture, has some of the greatest eats, sights, and activities in Hong Kong. Step out from Weave Studios – Prince Edward to enjoy a drink in a quirky cafe, do some window shopping or get work done in a coworking space. Here are some of our favourite things to do in the area!

*Disclaimer: As times are uncertain, please double check to see if opening times are still the same!

yuen po street bird garden

Learn a thing or two about birds at the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

At the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, you’ll catch some elderly men with their pet birds lounging around. It’s a perfect place to get to know more about bird breeds and species as you’re surrounded by bird sounds and chatter between the owners. You’ll have a taste of traditional bird markets, gardens and good insight into this age old cultural quirk! Come during the early morning, and you’ll see bird lovers taking their birds out for a walk.

jolly thinkers cafe prince edward

Bring your game on at a board game café

Looking to spend some time off your screen? The Jolly Thinkers café offers over 300 board games (including role-playing, detective, strategy, war, and party), suitable for two to ten players! If you’re not sure of the game rules, the staff will happily assist you with the games. Sit back and relax in this quaint little board game café, where you’ll easily get lost in the selection of games you can play.

allied plaza prince edward

Have a traditional and thorough Hong Kong shopping experience at Allied Plaza

Allied Plaza is known for its “cube stores”, where you’ll be able to buy goods from Japan, Korea, or around the world. There’s a chance that you could bargain for these items, so bring your confidence and see how low you can get the price to go! It’s a nostalgic place for older Hong Kong residents, as Allied Plaza is similar to the small vendor shops in an older and traditional Hong Kong setting.

my book room prince edward

Looking to catch up on some reading? Visit My Book Room

My Book Room is easily one of the biggest second-hand or used bookstores in Hong Kong (in terms of space), and every nook and cranny is filled with volumes of English and Chinese books. Visitors agree that it’s like a magical and out-of-movie type of place, as every inch from floor to ceiling is filled with books on every imaginable subject.

Get productive at one of these coworking spaces

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted no work and all fun when visiting this vibrant neighbourhood! But if you are looking for a quiet workspace to get some work done or meet a client in the area, apart from the shared spaces in Weave Studios – Prince Edward, there are several coworking spaces like Ucommune and Regus within walking distance. Both options offer hourly or day passes, and come fully equipped so all you need to do is show up with your laptop and get started!

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