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March 30, 2023

A Day in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong's Most Underrated Neighborhood

If you had come to Quarry Bay five or six years ago, you’d have been hard-pressed to find much other than shiny office buildings, residential blocks and a few shabby street markets. Since then, this sleepy little neighbourhood has transformed into a thriving business and commercial district. It might not be as glamourous as Central nor as quirky as Wan Chai, but give it a chance and you might see why Quarry Bay has gained a reputation as the refreshing alternative to the uber-busy Causeway Bay and Soho.

In addition to housing the headquarters for several corporate giants such as Burberry, WPP, and Bank of China, the area is home to one of Hong Kong’s most famous Instagram spots and a plethora of fun indoor sports venues, beautiful coworking spaces and hidden food gems. Whether you want to get a sweat on, wine and dine or snap a cool pic for the ‘gram, this business district is sure to impress. Read through our guide to see why you should make the trip to Quarry Bay!

quarry bay what to do
(Source: Lolapan Travels)

An Instagram Hotspot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen some variation of this image of ‘The Monster Building’ on Instagram before. This hulking behemoth of a residential complex shot to fame after it was featured in Hollywood Blockbusters such as Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Since then, the Monster Building has become a Hong Kong landmark, where urban explorers and photographers from all over the world come to capture the photogenic architecture of this residential building.

Sadly, overcrowding has led to the building’s management placing a ban on visitors photographing the iconic structure, but there’s no reason why you can’t go sneak a peek!

kings road quarry bay
Your hike starts here on King's Road! (Source: Peter Lam)

Quarry Bay is also one of the starting points for Sir Cecil’s Ride and Mount Parker, two picturesque hikes that guarantee an epic Instagram shot. Expect to see worship alters, a biodiversity education center, and training site relics from World War Two along the initial trail.

When you get to the fork in the road, you can either continue along Wilson Trail to get to a beautiful waterfall at Sir Cecil’s Ride or climb Mount Parker to get to Tai Tam Reservoir. You can even try a night hike to enjoy stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong’s lit-up landscape from the summit of Mount Parker. Regardless of which hike you choose, be sure to have your phone or camera at the ready to capture the gorgeous sights!

Unleash Your Inner Child

Did you know that trampolining can be 68 percent more effective as a workout than a half-hour jog, and is a great way to release stress? So, what are you waiting for! Go get your bounce on at Ryze, Hong Kong’s biggest trampoline park! Lined wall-to-wall with trampolines, this popular indoor hangout also features ninja obstacle courses, slacklines, foam pits and more to keep you entertained for hours. Bounce, flip and soar to your heart’s content.

If you like rock climbing, Verm City is a must-visit. It boasts a range of facilities including a basic bouldering gym, top-roping and leading wall, as well as Asia’s first digitally augmented climbing wall where you can enjoy fun special effects and interactive technology. And did we mention there’s a 6.5-meter-high giant vertical slide too?

quarry bay what to do 2
(Source: Crossfire Arena)

For those of you who prefer keeping your feet on the ground, why not spend a few hours at Crossfire Arena, the only neon-themed indoor playground in Hong Kong. Because where else would it be socially acceptable to play soccer in glow-in-the-dark bubble suits? And that’s not all, Crossfire offers a whole host of exciting, neon-themed games such as archery tag, nerf wars, dodgeball and lightsaber duels.

The (Not-So-Secret) Culinary Gems

Quarry Bay might not have been known for its food scene in the past, but that’s now changed – there are trendy bars and restaurants all over the neighbourhood, not to mention some ‘hidden gems’ that require a little hunting.

quarry bay food

Dazzling harbour views meet spacious outdoor deck at Sugar – a rooftop bar located on the 32nd floor of a swanky hotel. With a scenic vista that could rival any rooftop bar in Central or Admiralty, as well as a delicious cocktail and moreish tapas list, there is little wonder as to why Sugar is frequently named one of the best rooftop bars in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a chilled place in Quarry Bay to unwind and socialize after work, come head up to this slinky rooftop bar to have a drink, watch the sunset and mingle with the office crowd.

While this restaurant might not be much of a secret, it is definitely a gem! Camper’s is a Quarry Bay staple offering wholesome Japanese fare. Try to get here for when the restaurant opens at 11:30 am, or you’ll be stuck waiting for a table as this place is pretty popular with the white-collar crowd (for good reason!). Their signature dish is a mouthwatering Japanese curry with slow-cooked pork and vegetable curry, but they serve a variety of tasty udon dishes too!

quarry bay coffee
(Source: Nuttea and U Lifestyle)

Want a quick and healthy drink in between work? Try Nuttea, Hong Kong’s first-ever all-vegan drink shop serving up a variety of nut mylk-based drinks, fruit tea and coffee. Their homemade nut mylk is made from cold-pressing five different nuts to create a creamy and super nutty liquid. We’re particularly intrigued by the Dragon Fruit Tea with Nut Mylk Cream and the Earl Grey Tea with Chocolate Nut Mylk Cream.

Work A Day in Quarry Bay

While Quarry Bay is a choice place to eat and play, it’s also a reputable business district at heart. With its convenient location, combined with the fact so many businesses are now opting for a quieter alternative to Central, it is hardly surprising that some impressive coworking spaces are cropping up around the area too.

quarry bay office
(Source: Banyan Workspace and 3birds)

Characterised by its luxurious design aesthetic and cosy vibe, Banyan Workspace is a new breed of coworking space aiming to fill the gap between high-end corporate offices and young, millennial-centred coworking spaces – the kind with foosball tables and free flow beer on tap. However, what we love most about this space is its dedication to creating a strong social and environmental business model. Their interior leans toward natural and eco-friendly materials, and a percentage of membership fees are donated to one of four partnering charities.

3birds is a coworking space “dedicated to cultivating a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment for Hong Kong’s nomadic workforce”. Spread across 1800 square feet, this coworking space offers private workrooms of varying sizes, dedicated and flexible desks, meeting rooms and a communal pantry area.

Both places are perfect for freelancers, remote workers or startups who want the option of having a dedicated workspace without committing to a long-term lease.

Underrated or Not? Come Decide for Yourself

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