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March 30, 2023

Ace Coffee Meetings with the BOOQED App

Coffee meetings, the bread and butter of networking, are a must for up-and-coming business people and entrepreneurs. There are many components to a successful coffee meeting, and one of them is, of course, the café itself. What’s a successful coffee meeting without the aesthetics and artisan coffees of a great café?

While you may scurry to your nearest Starbucks (or “Starbux”), the popular coffee chain is bound to be crowded and loud. It may be forgivable when it comes to casual work, but for more important meetings, this means points deducted from your overall reputation.

The Problem

Here’s the problem with mainstream shops, it’s often crowded, loud, the tables are tiny and cramped, the coffee is usually unimpressive etc. But that doesn’t mean you should omit going to cafes for work and meetings.

Studies have shown that a moderate amount of background noise can facilitate our creativity and concentration. Simply being around other hard workers is also a motivating factor for better work. Cafés are attractive spaces in that it has both those things.

On a normal day of work, no seats are no big deal (though irritating). However, when there’s an urgency for a good coffee meeting space but all you can find are overloaded madhouses, things can get rough.

The Solution is with BOOQED

The BOOQED Angel ™ will always descend from above to guide you in your space-related worries. BOOQED is a platform where you can book workspaces, not just coffee tables, for when you need a vibrant place to work, meet and network. Our services are on-demand, both on-the-go and in advance.

BOOQED grants you the following in your career:

  • You’re always prepared 
  • You’re always smooth
  • People will be impressed by the “research” you do 
  • No pointless purchases
  • No awkward moments
  • Your boss may even give you a bonus

We provide cafe tables, meeting rooms and coworking desks in Hong Kong and Singapore. In the two largest business hubs of East and Southeast Asia, doing business has never been easier.

Our app helps you filter according to your preferences and boils it down to a selected few - chosen from the best spaces around, of course. With the code HK50, you can now get 50% off your first booking!

Download the BOOQED app now!

Available in Android and iOS.

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