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Singapore Coworking Space Arcc Spaces
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March 30, 2023

Arcc Spaces – workspaces tailor-made for innovators and doers

The BOOQED team has worked with some amazing coworking spaces over the years, so we wanted to share a bit more about what makes them so special!  

Next up in our host feature series is Arcc Spaces, a hospitality company and business solutions partner that works with corporates to transform the way they work and drive innovation through a network of hospitality-led spaces. 

Last year saw a massive shift in the way we work. 

With the onset of COVID-19, companies who are smaller and whose work culture are primarily digital based require less face time with clients and are more individually focused will likely keep a WFH arrangement. But at the same time, we all know that there is no replacement for in-person interactions.

That’s where flexible workspaces such as Arcc Spaces come in and work their magic. 

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Having been in the real estate industry for the last 30 years, Arcc Spaces is no stranger when it comes to building ecosystems around its extensive network of long-term real estate investments.

Headquartered in Singapore, Arcc Spaces offers a collection of beautifully designed flexible workspaces across some of Asia’s gateway cities including Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Shanghai. Their mission is to empower today’s leaders to meet, collaborate, learn, and access talents and opportunities. 

Arcc Spaces offers a human-centric design philosophy and ethos to members, they are committed to being a long-term partner to their customers. To address their members' major concerns regarding health and hygiene during the pandemic, Arcc Spaces made changes to day-to-day management of their spaces. They put in place measures to abide to government guidelines such as health and travel declarations, safe-entry check in, temperature screenings and stringent social distancing, as well as daily sanitation and cleaning across all its centres.  

The importance of these additional measures as well as implementing social distancing arrangements were paramount to ensure the health and safety of members. By offering flexible lease terms, supporting members by remaining in close contact with them throughout lockdown and offering new membership plans for virtual offices, Arcc Spaces was able to retain most of its members despite this turbulent time. 

arcc spaces singapore 2

For them, it doesn’t just apply to COVID times either.  

As flexibility grows and working arrangements continue to evolve within the new-normal, more and more businesses will look at what they need from an office and a global rise in coworking spaces is expected. Arcc Spaces considers it necessary that an office space that is built upon culture, human interaction as well as workplace requirements.

To them, a successful coworking space should include a variety of spaces for focused work, collaboration, meeting space and event venues – for instance, small or large-scale dedicated meeting rooms with state-of-the-art technology for presentations. 

In today’s day and age, health and wellbeing are also becoming of increasing importance and so Arcc Spaces are specifically choosing sites located near to cafes, restaurants, and gyms with easy, direct commuter links to ensure a work-life balance for their members. Some of their workspaces even have dedicated wellness areas.

For example, their newest centre at One Marina Boulevard features a relaxation room with massage chair, dimmed lighting and calming music to allow members a well needed break from the stresses of a working day.  

arcc spaces singapore 3

Despite having several workspaces across Asia, Arcc Spaces notes that the day-to-day operations of running each of their centres are very similar. Each location has been designed as a premium workspace for tenants, and staff channel the company’s human-centric philosophy in supporting individual business needs, creating a hassle-free work environment. 

With their focus on quality rather than quantity and instead of opening new centres, Arcc Spaces continuously upgrades its current workspaces to ensure its members get the best of the best.  

It is also for this reason that they chose to work with BOOQED. By partnering with BOOQED, coworking spaces like Arcc Spaces can provide easy, quick solutions for members to book meeting rooms, event venues or dedicated workspaces within its centres. 

Arcc Spaces has some more impressive projects in the works too. They are currently working on creating a one-stop solution for companies to tailor their own private offices, ensuring that it’s the right space for the company culture they’d like to develop. This includes elements such as configuration, branding, furnishings, and technology. Arcc Spaces will provide its own dedicated internal architecture, interior design, and IT teams ready to provide consultations and support to members and (external) enterprises. The specialised Arcc Spaces Design Studio will also be dedicated to supporting corporate clients tailor their own floor with special requirements with added design elements. 

Is there anything they can’t do?! 

Find your next workspace and business solutions partner on the BOOQED app! 

We’ve got quality, we’ve got quantity. From making a one-off booking for a meeting room booking to finding a more permanent office space for your entire team, BOOQED works with hundreds of amazing coworking spaces like Arcc Spaces around Hong Kong and Singapore. Get started today by downloading the BOOQED app (available on both Android and iOS). 

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