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March 30, 2023

Best Places to Work Remotely That You Should Be Aware of

Being a remote worker, freelancer, or frequent traveler has its advantages. As long as there is an internet connection, you are ready to go, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere. You do however face unexpected disturbances from your surroundings. Whether it's your phone notifications, the sound of traffic and random passersby, or an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection, distractions tend to happen while working from different places. With that in mind, here are the best places to work remotely for maximum productivity.

Some of the best places for remote work

1. Your Home Office

If you don't have to travel and have a stable internet connection, then your home office will suffice. It's the best option for a new freelancer or remote worker since it's already a familiar setup. You don't have to spend on transportation and you'll have access to all your preferred amenities. It also gives you the ultimate flexibility for your schedule, since you cut down on commuting and can take breaks, or nap whenever you feel like it.

2. Coffee Shops

This is by far one of the most popular options. Most of the time, coffee shops tend to offer free Wi-Fi access with your purchase, and occasionally, power outlets in various spots. For coffee and pastry lovers, this public location gives you an extra sugar and caffeine boost while working. However, you do have to be mindful of not hogging space for too long, especially in busy shops.

3. Hotel Lobbies

For travelers or those on a business trip, hotel lobbies, and the adjoining bar and cafe areas, make for great spots to plop down with a laptop and do some work. During the week, lobbies are often more quiet and deserted. If you are going to do some serious work, you can also head to the business center. Ask the front desk for Wi-Fi access if necessary, and at the same time you can order some drinks or food to accompany your work.

4. Bars and Lounges

A bar with a chill vibe, relaxing music, is a good option if you have to catch up on work during happy hour or with an after-dinner espresso martini. You'll also be surrounded by people looking to unwind, so it can take away some stress from your busy day. Make sure to check if the lighting will at least be decent and if Wi-Fi is available.

5. College Campuses

A college internet connection tends to be lightning-fast. Many student unions, libraries, or lounges are spread out through the whole university with ample seating, work desks, and an internet connection available. You might have to ask a student you know to either share the password, to card you in, or to help you get a guest pass. If you're a current student, count yourself lucky!

6. Public Libraries

If you're in a new city, you can head to a public library if you happen to find yourself needing to work from a desk while out and about. A major public library is likely to be a well-known landmark. It would have everything you would need to work as well - desks, chairs, free public Wi-Fi, and books for extra reference if needed. You can find the designated "quiet areas" of the library as well if the more populated sections are too noisy. Plus, you can soak in the gorgeous design and historical significance in some of the world's best libraries.

7. Outdoor Parks with Wi-Fi

Many local governments have installed free Wi-Fi in public parks as part of their move towards green spaces for public use. It's a great place not just to sit down with a laptop, but also to take a breather, do some introspection, and take in the scenery - weather permitting.

8. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are trendy for a reason. They offer all the amenities and necessities of a dedicated office with the drop-in flexibility of all the spaces mentioned above. You can also access dedicated meeting rooms, a kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi, and event spaces with networking events. You can book a hot desk for a daily, weekly, or monthly rate, and get a meeting room for an hourly rate.

Finding the right space for working in a public area can be difficult due to many uncertainties, and a coworking space solves this problem. You can use the BOOQED app to find a temporary workspace near your current location or where you need to be. You can find the best places to work by checking the facilities, fees, services, and amenities.

You can work from any number of spaces remotely as long as there's Wi-Fi access and a place to sit. But if you are looking to roll up your sleeves, and go into full-on work mode, then we highly recommend going for a coworking space.

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