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March 30, 2023

BOOQED launches QUBIC, a tech-enabled work solution to address the changing nature of work

Inspired by the emerging trend of Work from Anywhere, Booqed has just launched flexible workplace technology solution - QUBIC - in March 2021.


With QUBIC, companies can easily convert underutilized space into private work or meeting pods equipped with the latest access control technology and customizable branding options, without any build-out.


QUBIC work pods come in different sizes  ranging from desks to meeting rooms that can accommodate from one to six people. Installed with a UV light disinfection and ventilation system, these pods provide extra protection for workspaces that is so important during these times.

The first QUBIC work pod, located in Explorium Hong Kong, is just a few minutes’ walk from the Lai Chi Kok MTR station. The pod offers a smart, quiet workspace, furnished with a private full-size work desk, a comfortable chair, sound proof walls, comfortable air ventilation and electric sockets for charging devices – perfect for employees who want to pop in for a quick call, take client meetings or use as a dedicated base for the day.

Data usage future of work


BOOQED’s new scalable solution also utilizes digital technology to enable companies to manage access, collect  usage data for these pods and any existing meeting rooms, providing companies with an innovative way to increase space utilization while avoiding additional overhead costs for their space.

With a quick scan of the QR code and a few taps on their mobile phone, employees can book and use these spaces to meet or work, whenever they need it.


“Real estate is undergoing a massive transformation. As a short term flexible workspace provider, we want to provide a smart alternative to support the evolving needs of the modern workspace. The launch of QUBIC in the Explorium is just the first step,” said David Wong,  co-founder and CEO of BOOQED.


Charles Oh, co-founder and COO of BOOQED adds, “With support from valuable partners such as the Fung Group, BOOQED will continue to push the envelope on optimizing the office for collaboration and productivity so as to adapt to the evolving needs of workers worldwide. Following QUBIC’s recent launch at The Emplorium, BOOQED will introduce QUBIC in several locations across Hong Kong and Singapore – driving an innovative scalable solution for the new era of work.”


For more information about QUBIC, please visit our website or reach out to our team at

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