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QUBIC Smart Booths at Interval Farmacy Cafe in Cyberport Hong Kong
March 30, 2023

BOOQED launches QUBIC Smart Booths at INTERVAL in Cyberport

Not content with simply creating a convenient spot to have a delicious meal or coffee meetings, INTERVAL wanted its restaurants to be a destination, all day long. Cue the QUBIC Smart Booth, powered by BOOQED.


Two of these ultra-sleek modular pods can now be found located just outside INTERVAL Farmacy, the all-day dining café in Cyberport Arcade. Whilst both booths can be furnished as a workspace, BOOQED provides the option of turning the booths into a pop-up store, a great alternative for small businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to establish their brand and create memorable retail experiences. Want to host an impromptu wine tasting? Or a cool photoshoot? Do it in a QUBIC Smart Booth.


Each smart booth was designed with the modern worker in mind and features cool tech to ensure a seamless user experience. Users can book the booths by the half-hour or the hour via the online booking system. A QR code provides user access during the booked session. Inside each quiet booth is a table, chairs, power outlets (including USB charging) lighting and ventilation, perfect for getting some work done or to hold private meetings.

interval cyberport


Caleb Ng, co-founder and managing director of Twins Kitchen with his brother Josh, says, “There are cafes and restaurants aplenty, but we wanted to create something different. Something that would make us a place that customers would make an effort to go to.

That’s why we’re delighted to partner with BOOQED to offer the option of these booths for our customers. As part of our ethos for INTERVAL, we want to create a space for people to take a break.

The smart system is easy to use, and the booths are fully equipped with everything you might need to provide a work or meeting environment that you simply can’t get from working at home or in the office. They are the perfect addition to any retail space, and we’re excited to see how we can continue working with BOOQED to transform our spaces and better enhance the customer experience.”

interval cyberport 2
Pictured: Retail pop-up during launch day by Eleanor McColl


“Over the last year or so, there’s been an increased need for smart space solutions,” adds BOOQED’s co-founder and CEO, David Wong. “The Asia market was missing a good, affordable alternative to working from a café or from home, so we created QUBIC Smart Booths, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, to provide a comfortable and quiet space for people working outside the office. The incredibly positive feedback we’ve received from product users is proof that we’ve tapped into a real pain point. The future of real estate is changing!”


From now until 10 October 2021, Interval customers who purchase a coffee can enjoy 30-minutes free in the QUBIC Smart Booth. To learn more about QUBIC, please visit our website or reach out to our team at

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