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March 30, 2023

BOOQED’s Sunday night rituals for a productive work week

At BOOQED, we’re always looking for ways to make the workweek ahead a bit easier. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: it all comes down to how you prepare for it (don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you head into the office over the weekend to get ahead of next week’s deadlines).


Everyone on the BOOQED team has their own Sunday night rituals to help them supercharge for the week ahead, so we thought it’d be nice to share! If you’re looking for a way to declutter your mind before the craziness of Monday morning sets in, have a read to see how we like to prepare for the work week. Maybe even try a few out and see how your week could be better for it!


Fioni, Director, Workspace Solutions

On Sundays, I usually wake up late and do an activity which makes me feel energetic before starting a new week before having dinner and watching a movie with my family.


In the past, I’d go to the swimming pool, sit by the pool-side with my laptop and spend some time replying emails and updating my to-do list for the week ahead. Now that pools are closed (thanks Covid), I go for a walk instead! I find that spending time outdoors is great for clearing my head.


Hong Kong Sunday Night Rituals


Angela, Head of Client Services

My Sunday night ritual starts with a basic manicure, clean sheets for the bed, and a review of the to-do list and calendar for the week ahead.

Not necessarily in that order!


Azhar, Director, Real Estate Solutions

On Sundays, I like to spend time with my daughter, Max. She has her Arabic class in the morning so I’ll have some coffee while I wait. Sunday afternoons are reserved for playtime with Max, and changes every week depending on where she wants to go!

We would then have dinner together as a family, after which I will do some prep for the work week – checking what meetings or events are coming up. I try to wrap everything up by 10 or 11pm to get a good night’s sleep.



Kathryn, Growth Manager

I share data insights with the team on Mondays so I tend to do my work reflection on the week before on Sunday night to get me excited for what we can do for the week ahead.

I also like to do yoga sun salutations right before work on Monday morning to get pumped for the work week. 



Jenny, Manager, Workspace Solutions

Sundays are spent reviewing the to-do list for the week.

It's also a day to recharge before the work week so I’ll do yoga or meditation in the evening. :)


Sunday Night Rituals Hong Kong

Serge, Senior Software Engineer

Other than reviewing my tasks for the week and making sure I get to bed early, I don't have much of a Sunday ritual. Every week is different!

For example, last Sunday, I went ice skating and then visited my mom for breakfast (she made pancakes with strawberry jam). The rest of the day I spent reading a book about programming and completing a few small errands.


I probably shouldn’t mention the blood sacrifices, so that's it for me.

Sunday Night Rituals


Nicole, Design Intern

I intentionally set Sundays as a day for chilling, so I try not to do anything work- or school-related. I like using this one day a week to invest time in personal learning ventures — such as exploring design courses, reading my favorite newsletters, or catching up on Netflix series!

A lot of family dinners and game nights also happen, so I want to be as present as possible during those times by disconnecting from work.  


Jasmin, Content Marketer

Saturdays tend to be quite busy for me so Sundays are reserved for chilling at home with a good movie or two. I really appreciate having this time to “veg out” and recharge.


I also spend this time to prep a few meals for the week. For example, if I’m cooking something for dinner, I’ll make a big batch and freeze a few portions or bake a loaf of cake so I have a healthy homemade snack throughout the week. The bonus is it makes your apartment smell amazing too!

Sunday Night Rituals
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