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March 30, 2023

Can BOOQED replace your office? Yes!

One of the most frequent questions we get asked about BOOQED is if we can replace the traditional office. The short answer is yes.


Now here’s why.


In recent years, small and large companies alike have increasingly embraced flexible workplace solutions. In fact, a 2019 report by the Instant Group predicted that 35% of office space will be flexible space by 2023.


But what’s driving the trend? Two words: Employee demographics.

Source: Lera Blog

Newer generations entering the workforce expect and demand more flexibility from their jobs than previous generations. They place more emphasis on having a life outside of work and having the ability to work remotely and flexibly over having a higher salary.

This has completely changed how work is done. Employers have adapted their work models to allow more employee control over working hours and location so employees can work anytime, anywhere. In turn, our idea of an office has needed to evolve as well.


This phenomenon has only been exacerbated by the global health pandemic. In this current state of uncertainty, many businesses around the world find themselves increasingly hesitant about being locked into long-term office leases.

After all, when a global health pandemic pops up out of nowhere and causes the workforce to work from home for months on end, locking into a lengthy rental deal that requires sizeable capital outlay and lacks geographical flexibility just isn’t as appealing anymore.


The Alternative


At its core, BOOQED functions as a digital platform that enables users to search and book flexible workspaces, including meeting rooms, cafe tables, and hot desks.


There are a few reasons as to why this has proved so popular amongst businesses:

coworking space
Source: China Daily

1)   Work can happen anywhere

Flexible offices such as co-working spaces are dotted around most major cities around the world, giving companies a wide range of possibilities as to the location of their office.


Companies and individuals are also no longer locked in to a single location. Whether they want to be in close proximity to a client or have an address in a reputable neighbourhood, BOOQED gives you the option to move around as and when needed.

coworking space
Source: WeWork

2)    There is minimal set-up in terms of time and costs

Whether you’re looking for a fully furnished workspace with printers, conference rooms and IT support or just a café table for a one-hour meeting, BOOQED lets you filter spaces according to your work needs. The office will already include everything you need so you and your team can move in from the day you pay and get a flying start on running the business.


Perhaps what’s even more attractive about this set up is that you only pay for what you need. It’s also far more cost-efficient than renting along-term office because you have shared access to co-working amenities and utilities thus alleviating some financial burden.

business transformation

3)   It gives your business leeway to shrink or grow

Flexibility is one of the best things to have in unstable times such as this one.

Because BOOQED offers workspace for as little as a day or hour, companies have the luxury of not being tied down to a year-long lease. This gives you the option to expand, contract or terminate the space at short notice to meet any changing business requirements.


A Hybrid Approach


That’s not to say that companies should avoid traditional offices altogether. Nowadays, taking a hybrid approach to office-use can be beneficial for many companies (including us!).

A hybrid approach offers a middle ground – rather than having a large full-time office to accommodate all its employees, businesses can rent a limited number of desks at a lower cost. Employees can come to the office when they need a professional environment devoid of distractions or if it’s necessary to have face-time with colleagues, managers or clients.

The rest of the time, they have the choice to work remotely. Win-win!

Source: M Moser

As businesses increasingly learn about the benefits of flexible workspaces and working remotely, we predict this approach to work is set to disrupt the traditional business model on a global scale.

And sooner than we think.


What BOOQED can offer your business

With access to a network of hundreds of locations across Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Shenzhen, BOOQED is leading the way in offering short-term business spaces.

Employers and their teams can use the BOOQED app to book on-demand offices, meeting rooms or even café tables by the hour, day or month, without the need to sign up to a long, drawn-out contract.

Coworking space
Source: Hive Life

It’s as easy as:

1)   Choosing your desired location

2)   Exploring the space’s features to find one with the right amenities

3)   Deciding on how long you want the space for

4)   Making the payment

5)   Getting your team in and making yourselves comfortable!


Ready to try a hybrid approach? Download the BOOQED app (available on both Android and iOS) to try out a flexible workspace for the day!

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