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March 30, 2023

Comfortable Work Environment Ideas to Inspire You

Not getting much done at the office? Your employees definitely feel that too.

Your work environment plays an important role in getting you to feel more productive and inspired. The more comfortable the environment, the better the work quality is going to be. It also helps if the work environment is aesthetically pleasing too!

Here are a couple of ideas for you to start creating a better office environment if you've decided you're ready to make some quality of life changes.

Forget about Fixed Workstation Design 

The fixed workstation design is when you're assigned to a desk, and you work there all day, every day. Sometimes, there might be a divider that separates you from the person sitting next to you.

Although the point of this is to avoid distraction, this type of space can cause boredom and monotony.

In the ideal scenario, you would be able to switch up your workstation throughout the day with an open plan design that has dedicated spaces for different activities.

For example, working from a cubicle is great for focus, working from a private room is great for video conferences, and working from an open space when you want to socialize and share ideas with colleagues. There might even be a rest area for you to chill out and stretch your legs. This kind of workspace style creates a freer, more spacious working environment that's also great for productivity.

multi purpose office

Encourage a Less Formal Workplace Culture

This kind of change is more cultural but works with the physical environment mentioned above. You can encourage more opportunities, and places where employees can naturally socialize, have lunch or coffee breaks, have regular team get-togethers, town halls, and workshops. It can certainly help productivity if the people at your office aren't total strangers.

Brighten Up the Working Space

Bright spacious offices are key in modern office design. These offices often use plenty of glass materials, allowing natural light to enter the office. At the same time, you can enjoy the view during their workday.

Even dedicating an area to this kind of experience can help with reducing stress, and also add much-needed brightness to an otherwise dreary winter's day (or overly cold air conditioning, which you should also look into!)

Replace Plain Old Dividers with Glass Partitions

Perhaps large-scale changes aren't a good option now - we all know office renovation can be a pain. But an easier way to change the look of a traditional cubicle office is to switch them up to glass partitions.

Glass partitions can create the effect of being in a more open space while still maintaining an element of separation. Depending on the design, these can help elevate the aesthetic of the office too.

drees sommer headquarters
Source: Pinterest

Invest in Ergonomic Workstations

High-quality furniture is one of the most important things to consider when creating a comfortable workplace environment. The opposite of world "comfortable" is basically an office chair that hurts your back, a laptop monitor that makes you squint, and a headache by the time you end your workday. These issues can be remedied with an ergonomic workstation that has better lighting, better sound isolation, larger monitors, ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, and so on.

Touch Up with Mood-Boosting Furnishings

An office that's really sparse with dated furniture styles can feel like a dull place to work. You can try accent pieces like plants and cool artwork to add some bold colours and warmth.

Even just replacing a few outdated pieces of furniture with something fun, contemporary, and useful would make a huge difference, such as beanbags, adjustable desks, or a whiteboard and bright-coloured Sharpies.

Use Technology and Valuable Tools

Workplace technology in its many forms is game-changing for productivity and is the easiest thing to implement on this list. It can automate many parts of the day for your team members, and reduce additional stress.

Here are a couple of things you could try at your office space if you haven't yet:

  • Desk and meeting room booking systems that sync up with your Google or Outlook Calendar (so that everyone can get the desk or room they need, when they need it)
  • Workplace communication tools like Slack or Discord
  • Noise cancellation tools for your Zoom meetings, like the free Krisp app

Add a Soundproof Work Booth (or Multiple!)

If a lack of quiet places to work or have calls without disruption is a major problem at your office, then soundproof work booth will be the best way to fix the issue without any construction required. They are often modular in nature, which means it's easy to assemble.

Source: BOOQED

Check out QUBIC Smart Booths if you'd like to have access control and booking ability to your modular booth too! Not only is it soundproof, well-lit, and well-ventilated, but you can add your ideal furniture and AV equipment as part of a bundle too for premium comfort!

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