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Work Life
March 30, 2023

Don’t miss out: Hear from Standard Chartered Bank’s Regional Head of Workplace and EQ Lab's Chief Cognitive Officer on how to rethink the workplace for a post-pandemic world

COVID-19 has completely transformed the way companies view their office, “severing employees’ attachments to the workplace”, and forcing many to question whether “offices are quite as core now” (FT, April 2021).

Whether you’re a CRE developer, asset owner, or landlord, join us for a provocative conversation on how you can capitalize on the post-pandemic opportunity to attract and retain corporate tenants. 

It's time to usher in a new era of work.

And to support this, we are proud to announce our upcoming online Fireside Chat: Cracking the Tenant Code.

Details as follows:

Date: 16 June 2021 (Wed)

Time: 10:00-11:00 (HKT)

Language: English

Format: Zoom meeting. A link to the webinar will be sent in separate email.


In this online webinar, we will be discussing the following:

- What is Standard Chartered’s vision for the workplace, and how are they preparing for this reality?

- What are the critical factors that should be considered when supporting a new hybrid workforce?

- Is the hospitality mindset the right direction for developers?

- What can landlords and developers do to add value for occupiers in this new normal?


So, what are you waiting for? Register here to secure your spot today!


Nick Hughes, Regional Head Workplace, Asia at Standard Chartered Bank

With over 25 years experience leading Client and Service Provider Corporate Real Estate across London, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, Nick Hughes is the Regional Head of Workplace for ASEAN and South Asia (ASA) for Standard Chartered Bank based in Singapore.

Nick is responsible for all Workplace standards, governance, continual improvement, developing/influencing stakeholders and vendor partners with the Bank’s Workplace ecosystem. Managing the regional Workplace team enabled successful projects such as the newly opened large commercial facilities in Singapore, India and Malaysia and numerous retail branches.

Workplace priorities include managing all properties in the ASA region, including the transition of in-house facilities, project and asset management services to our vendor partners. More recently a key area of focus has been implementing Workplace Experience by delivering and evolving refreshed workplace standards throughout the region and adapting to the Covid 19 pandemic and repurcussions; including work from home, near home working and transforming the Office into a safe, collaborative, social and innovative community.

Dr. Richard Claydon, Chief Cognitive Officer, EQ Lab

Dr. Richard Claydon is a management and behavioural scientist, specialising in leadership and high-performance during complex organisational transformations. A Harvard Top-200 Management expert and business columnists for the Guardian newspaper described his research as “a touchstone for the future work in management and organisation”, “outstanding in daring imagination” and “at the forefront of modern discussion and debate.” Co-founder of EQ Lab, his research underpins EQ Lab’s vision of accelerated, wide-scale, multi-faceted human development towards the goal of extended intelligence, in which people working in deep synchrony solve complex problems in highly innovative, lightning-fast ways.

He designed and teaches the Adapt your Leadership Style module for Macquarie Business School’s future-and-behaviour-focused Global MBA program, currently ranked #6 worldwide by CEO Magazine.

David Wong - BOOQED, CEO and Co-founder

David is co-founder and CEO of proptech start-up and Techstars alumni BOOQED, a digital B2B platform that enables tenants and landlords to find or monetize short-term unused spaces to work or meet. He has 20+ years of corporate and start-up experience in Asia and Europe, including 2 successful exits from previous ventures. A passionate advocate and mentor for start-up founders – particularly proptech start-ups -- in Hong Kong and beyond, David has been a speaker, panelist, moderator and judge at numerous industry events, including MIPIM, BWT Asia, Unissu Connect, CRETech and Expo Real. He has also appeared in interviews on CNA, and has been a source and contributor for articles relating to property and technology.

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