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March 30, 2023

Fireside Chat Recap: Cracking the Tenant Code

In June 2021, our Co-founder and CEO David Wong hosted a virtual Fireside Chat with Nick Hughes, Regional Head of Workplace, Standard Chartered Bank, and Dr. Richard Claydon, Chief Cognitive Officer, EQ Labs to discuss the post-pandemic impact on the workplace. They shared insights on the new ways landlords and developers can provide value to tenants.


So, if you’re a CRE developer, asset owner, or landlord hoping to add value to occupiers in this new normal – or have faced challenges attracting tenants – this webinar recap is for you.


Read on for our top 5 takeaways from the discussion.


1.     Well-being needs to be front and center


"The pandemic of poor well-being that is expected to follow on from the event will dwarf the pandemic itself in impact." - Dr. Richard Claydon.


Employee well-being will be the biggest priority for organizations going forward. Not just supporting employees professionally, but across all aspects of their lives. From setting up home offices to offering workspace alternatives close to home, that's where the flexibility and value-added services and amenities will come in. Workplace strategists need to think about how the office will be a destination that enables employees to be the best that they can be.


It's all about giving our people choice. We are providing twice the experience with half the space. - Nick Hughes, Regional Head Workplace, Standard Chartered Bank


Source: Bridge Office Interiors

2.     It's about relationships and connections


With institutional trust levels being at the lowest they've ever been, enabling connections will be at the heart of the successful organization. Creating opportunities and spaces for those "in-between" moments and conversations will be critical for maximizing individual and organizational productivity, ensuring employee retention and satisfaction, as well as for driving rapid innovation. Don't reply on serendipity for those moments; create them.


3.     What does "good work" look like?


What does good work look like and how do we do it? We now know that it's possible to be just as productive to work from home as from the office, so what will the workplace provide that goes above and beyond? And how can teams come together to interact in this new environment? This should be the central question for all parties when considering workplace design.


Source: Pinterest

4.     Landlords need to focus on providing strategic value beyond rent


And it's about more than just adding another café in a nice lobby. Landlords and developers need to take a more strategic approach when it comes to adding value not just to the building, but also to the neighborhood in which that building is located. It's about putting the human experience at the center of their offering and creating value based on what people are looking for in the workplace. That includes amenities such as more F&B options, gym access, additional conference rooms and more. Case studies will show that these facilities do not need to be complimentary to be successful.


5.     Tech is important, but health & safety comes first


When it comes to returning to the office, organizations will need to help employees feel safe, secure, and cared for. This includes visible signs of cleaning and disinfection, as well as providing an array of options for spaces in which they can work (desk, meeting pod, collaboration space etc).


In Conclusion...

What is the future of the workplace? Of course, it's still evolving.

What's clear however is that landlords and developers need to start thinking now about how they can augment the tenant experience in a way that 1) enables organizations to support their employees' well-being and 2) provides them with the range of choice and flexibility they seek.


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