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Park Avenue Coworking space
Host Features
March 30, 2023

From Hospitality to Workspitality. A flexible, luxury workspace to grow your business

The BOOQED team has worked with some great co-working spaces over the years, so we wanted to share a bit more about what makes them so unique! Next up in our host feature series is Park Avenue Serviced Offices, a hotel and serviced office provider for Singapore since 1997.


Nowadays, the lines between work and home have become increasingly blurred as the new working generation shifts towards remote work, and the demand for flexible workspaces continues to skyrocket. Although this development may seem detrimental to some industries, it has proven an excellent opportunity for hotels such as Park Avenue to utilize their space more efficiently and capture the consideration of this growing mobile workforce. 


Backed up by a team of experienced staff offering unrivalled service standards and state-of-the-art technology, Park Avenue Serviced Offices is living proof that the convergence of hospitality and co-working can be a recipe for success.

Coworking Space Singapore Park Avenue Serviced Office


Convenience and stewardship are at the heart of its DNA. Its properties consist of a network of integrated buildings, including serviced apartments and a hotel with offices and meeting spaces so tenants can easily book hotel rooms for visitors and slots to hold their meetings. In addition, tenants can also enjoy a full range of benefits, such as administrative, secretarial support, daily housekeeping services, pantry with complimentary beverages, flexibility in office size to suit business needs, availability of short-term lease, 24-hour security, and free usage of their in-house swimming pool and gym!


And if having a prestigious business address is vital for your company, it doesn’t get easier than this! Park Avenue’s network of workspaces is situated in key business districts close to bustling shopping and entertainment zones in the central, western, and eastern parts of Singapore so that tenants can have easy access to a host of business and lifestyle amenities at their fingertips.


However, even with the fantastic location and in-house facilities, what sets Park Avenue apart is its belief that small gestures make a real difference. The service team of this workspace provider works hard to offer attentive, courteous service to customers from the second they walk in through the door and frequently goes beyond their call of duty when it comes to helping their tenants.

Coworking Space Singapore


Although they had been operating for close to two decades, the government enforced lockdowns. It heightened health and safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year threw a spanner in the works. But that didn’t stop Park Avenue. Although some offices had to downsize to accommodate flexible work arrangements, Park Avenue worked with them to offer smaller units and a day pass package so tenants could still enjoy a private work station if and when they came into the office.


To them, it was essential to reassure their tenants that safety measures are in place. 

Where possible, serviced office tenants were given a separate entrance and lift from hotel guests to minimize contact between the two groups, with clear signs indicating the route. Temperature screening, digital contact tracing, social distancing measures were implemented on-site, and housekeeping staff frequently deployed to sanitize the area.


But despite the challenges of the past year, Park Avenue continues to flourish by working with partners such as BOOQED to reach more significant audiences. In addition, they are now expanding to China under its sub-brand ParcVue. You can expect to see their first China property opening in Nanjing this month!


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