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March 30, 2023

How is QUBIC Different from Other Booth Providers? (And Why It's the Ideal Tech-Enabled Solution)

The need to take calls and answer emails while out and about, or simply work from a third space (away from home or the office) has now become commonplace. It's no surprise that soundproof work booths or meeting pods have now popped up in various public places, whether in shopping malls, train stations, coffee shops, and airports. 


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If you've encountered these work booths before, you probably thought, “I know a lot of other places this could be perfect for." Perhaps a space you even own or operate yourself.

Then, other questions come up, such as 

How are these different brands different from each other? 

Where do I get these booths and get started on this business model?  

(And, now that you’re reading this article) How is this QUBIC Smart Booth from BOOQED any different?

We’ll answer these for you, so read on.

Getting started with work booths

In a previous blog post, we’ve covered the features of booths readily available in the market and how different booth vendors generally offer the same features at varying degrees of quality, with design aesthetic being the key differentiator. These commonly found features include sound isolation, easy setup (within a few hours), lighting, ventilation, and more.

However, what makes these booths for public use at malls and train stations different is that they have other functionalities to make it possible for guests to use them on-demand and make payments, and easy for the managers of the space/building to manage them remotely.

So, if you were to start with setting up an on-demand work booth business or amenity from scratch, you’ll likely have to do a lot of custom work yourself as soon as you’ve purchased a regular booth. 

For example, you’ll need to add an access control system so that only those who’ve made a booking or those with a special access code (such as your facility staff) can enter the booth. 


office access control
QUBIC's guest access system uses a unique QR code for each booking

You’ll also need software that works with this access control system, namely for guests to book their time slot, and for an administrator to see booking data, manage bookings, set availability, and more. 

where to buy work booth
QUBIC Booths, for example, can be managed through the admin portal

If this DIY idea sounds difficult for you, (think about hiring the team, sourcing components, and so on, which can take you a few months), fortunately, a product like QUBIC Smart Booths would be the perfect solution to this problem. 


A future-proof tech solution with everything you need

QUBIC Booths are different from regular booths on the market because they have access control hardware, and the accompanying software usable right out of the box. We’ll provide the installation service, deploy your company's software instance, and onboard and provide continuous support for the full product too. There’s not much work on your end needed to get started!

 Plus, we have these other perks that make us different from even other automated booth solutions:

where to buy work booth 2
QUBIC's grey label booking app is easily customizable for your brand

1. Full control of your business model – We’ll work with you on the business model that you think best suits your company. You're also free to set the prices for your booths any way you want or keep them free, and run limited-time promos too.


2. Support your branding initiatives – With our gray-label software, the accompanying booking app for your booths will have your branding.

3. Your customer data stays safe – All the software powering our platform is compliant with GDPR, which is the gold standard in data protection, and covers any requirement globally. This means that your customers’ data isn’t collected without them opting in, and is anonymized on our part as well.

4. A developing ecosystem – Stay tuned for new smart features and regular updates that truly automate your commercial spaces, keeps up with dynamic market needs, and give your guests a seamless, elevated work experience.

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Level up your guest experience today

In conclusion, if you have a commercial space to which you'd like to add an incredibly useful amenity, then QUBIC Smart Booths would be a perfect solution due to its no-effort deployment, easy-to-use software for both admins and guests. 

You can get your new booths up and running in a fraction of the time as a full fit-out and tech development process, not to mention the vetting to secure the resources for all of these. 

So, if you'd like to learn more about how we can help your business, contact us here

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