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Work Life
March 30, 2023

How much would a construction project for your office space cost? And how can QUBIC Booths help you with cost-saving?

There's no question that most medium to large offices need a reconfiguration with all the changes in the business environment we've seen since 2020. More video conferencing, and offices needing to be a destination for meetings and collaboration are a few key trends.

However, construction projects take months to complete, with unexpected delays from supply chain shortages. Construction costs have only increased in this time as well. Fit-out costs in the last year rose by 10%YoY on average across major Asian cities. 

Cost savings in some industries are still top-of-mind as well, as 2022 shapes up to have more economic unpredictability. 

This all means that when it comes to spending, companies will be focusing on providing the workplace that employees need now. At the same time, additional CapEx-related projects may not make the best sense unless they are essential and can provide long-term value and stable usage.

The Ideal Workplace in 2022

When it comes to workplaces, the immediate need is for a balance between quiet workstations, and meeting spaces that employees can use as they need to work with colleagues or clients, physically and virtually. 

While more huddle rooms, conference rooms, and phone booths are essential for this "hybrid workplace", enclosed meeting rooms are costly to build for office tenants because of requirements such as drywall, glass walls, soundproofing, and AV setups.

There are also other considerations such as IT integrations and admin tasks for managing the use of these meeting rooms. 

How Does QUBIC Come In?

As mentioned, constructing meeting rooms takes time and causes disruption. The value can also only last the duration of the lease since offices need to be reinstated. Managing new spaces can also entail more overhead expenses, which can be troublesome in times when companies want to stay lean.

QUBIC Booths provides a solution that creates the spaces for work that employees need now while saving on costs over time. With access management technology available as a subscription, you can get the value of a bookable meeting room ASAP.

You won't need large capital outlays for both construction and tech deployment, nor add additional hours of admin work.

To help you measure your estimated cost-savings with QUBIC, check out our calculator so that you can compare the cost of QUBIC to traditional alternatives, benchmarked to costs per square feet in your city (only available for Asian cities).

Click here to go to the QUBIC Booths Cost Savings Calculator


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