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March 30, 2023

How Sleekflow saved 70% in creating soundproof meeting rooms with QUBIC Smart Booths

With QUBIC Smart Booths, B2B startup SleekFlow was able to achieve these results.

70% in cost savings for new soundproof meeting rooms

Worry-free installation and post-sales service

Ultimate flexibility to suit company growth – no renovation and reinstatement needed

How exactly did it happen? If you want to learn the details, read the full case study below!

The Challenge

In early 2021, a Hong Kong-based startup, SleekFlow decided to move from their coworking space rental to their own office, to better suit their company growth. As a B2B company, SleekFlow employs 10 customer-facing employees in their 23-person team, who spend most of the workday doing demos and sales calls.

The entire company works from the same open office space. It was clear that having a way to separate sales activity from other work being conducted within the office was necessary to reduce disruption and help everyone work more productively and comfortably.

The Solution

In scoping out potential solutions, Henson, SleekFlow's founder and CEO, saw that QUBIC was a better fit for SleekFlow's needs compared to alternatives due to these reasons:

1. Constructing a fixed meeting room with soundproofing would cost 4x more and would be a sunk cost if they were to move offices in the future

2. Compared to modular booth brands based in Europe and the US, BOOQED could provide local support, and would handle the installation and even dissembling if the time came to move offices

3. QUBIC would be a more reliable solution compared to buying from an online marketplace, where the prices were cheaper, but the quality could not be guaranteed.

office booth hong kong
QUBIC Booth installations are done without any power tools and dust, eliminating downtime and disruption to office work.

Installation and Post-sales

The BOOQED team installed QUBIC Booths at SleekFlow’s office, with the entire installation taking only 4 hours per booth. After installation, SleekFlow could directly contact the BOOQED support team when it comes to any questions and concerns.

“The post-sales service has been fantastic. The BOOQED team responds quickly to any request; the service level is really high. I don’t really need to worry about anything not working.
In terms of how I am going to move these booths if I need to move to a newer office, we already know what we need to pay for, and how we are going to disassemble or assemble them in the newer office. It gives us peace of mind as well.”
- Henson Tsai, Founder and CEO of SleekFlow
qubic booths
A completed installation at the Sleekflow office

The Results

Through QUBIC, SleekFlow was able to create new meeting rooms with significant cost savings. They were also able to avoid any productivity loss from having construction activities in the workplace.

Using a QUBIC Quad Booth, SleekFlow was able to create a meeting room that can fit a small group. QUBIC Duo Booths then create private rooms that are spacious enough for one person to have calls and sales demos.

The booths’ soundproof quality means people conducting meetings from inside the booths can speak freely without worrying that they’re disturbing others. The booths also came with furniture to suit SleekFlow's use case.

"The quality of the product compared to price is very good. It’s a really high-quality product. I have seen other similar products from other manufacturers, but their air ventilation and noise cancellation are not as good. The service is good as well; response is fast... Getting the service with a good product is something we love."

sleekflow hong kong
QUBIC Booths in use at the SleekFlow office

SleekFlow’s experience shows that QUBIC Smart Booths are a reliable, cost-effective solution for growing B2B startups, allowing them quickly create flexible workplace improvements that would greatly benefit their employees.

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